Article | May 16, 2019

Field Service Insight Trend #4: Telematics Optimizing Operational Workflows

Source: Trimble
Trend 4_Telematics

This is part four of a five-part series outlining the top trends in the field service market. Our fourth trend shows how deploying telematics is improving operations and driving connected workflows.

Leading organizations who have deployed telematics are looking to get more value from collected data to drive improvements in their operations. Businesses that invest in telematics are able to drive connected workflows and see many benefits, especially when combined with analytics to drive process improvements. To realize these benefits, it is important to have a tight connection with the workforce and the assets required to complete the assigned jobs. There are many instances where getting a real-time data feed from the field can result in dramatic improvements to the job workflow. Fleet and equipment telematics systems capture useful data, and organizations that are putting that data to good use are making strides in the market.

Listed below are four specific use cases that demonstrate the value in connecting an operational workflow with telematics to drive a process improvement in the construction industry.

Equipment Delivery

Optimizing the pickup and delivery of equipment from one job to the next is possible when the delivery truck and the equipment are both equipped with GPS telematics tracking. The tracking can then be combined with the project schedule to generate delivery tickets with the correct location coordinates, automatically notifying the project team if there are any delays, and providing the opportunity to coordinate site activity more quickly.

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