Article | August 4, 2017

7 Field Service Challenges New Technology Can Fix Right Now

Source: Zinc

Kristen Wells

7 Field Service Challenges New Technology Can Fix Right Now

There are an array of field service challenges due to the unique employee experience of working as a field service technician. But what many people may not realize, is that many of these obstacles have a common thread: a lack of real-time communication.

Because field workers are inherently detached from the larger organization, the constant drum of communication that we feel in our office jobs simply doesn’t make its way out to the field. These communication barriers can make workers feel isolated and impede their access to the real-time knowledge they need to get the job done.

Communication Impacts Success

When field service technicians don’t have access to the resources they need while on the job, business objectives like reduced time to service, improved first-time fix rates, utilization, and even retention take a big hit.

While development of new technology purpose-built for field service teams has lagged behind the dramatic innovation for office workers, there are new technologies popping up to streamline field service operations and improve employee performance.

To show how new technology can solve some common field service challenges, we’ve compiled seven on-the-job scenarios.