Guest Column | March 21, 2014

Eyes On The Prize: Incentive Programs Drive Greater Adoption Of Mobile Apps

Anne Bonaparte, CEO, Xora

By Anne Bonaparte, CEO, Xora

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It’s very frustrating to invest in a new technology and have your employees not use it – whether it’s because they don’t easily embrace change, or they don’t understand how to use the new devices and apps being offered. Many businesses experience these challenges as they deploy mobile workforce management solutions – moving from paper-based and manual processes to web-based software and mobile apps on feature phones, smartphones or tablets.

While proper training – which I discussed in my previous article – is valuable in ensuring employees are comfortable with new solutions, it may not be enough to encourage widespread adoption. Companies have found that offering incentives help get managers and employees excited about new apps or technologies, and can effectively kick start initial adoption and encourage greater long-term use.

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