Magazine Article | May 24, 2012

Ever Wish You Could See What Your Mobile Workers Face In The Field?

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Chris Hill, VP of advanced, mobility solutions, AT&T,

Harness the power of live video, voice, and chat for better problem-solving and improved productivity.

The consumption of video over the last several years has experienced what can only be called an explosion. Just log onto YouTube, and you can see tens of thousands of uploaded video clips. Analysts predict that video will represent an overwhelming volume of the world’s mobile data traffic within the next four years. While you’re most likely aware of the popularity of video, you may be wondering about the relevance of mobile video services for your company and how to put live mobile video to work for your employees.

The Consumerization Of IT Surfaces Again
Workers in many industries increasingly expect to be able to bring the services they use in their personal lives into their work environments. To this end, the creation and sharing of user-generated videos clearly suggests that users will expect video to be a part of the communications toolkit they use at work. Given a greater choice of more powerful mobile devices combined with faster networks, now is the right time to think about harnessing the power of mobile video for your business.

In What Situations Is Mobile Video Beneficial In Field Service?
There are numerous situations where your field workers can greatly benefit from adding video to their communication toolkit. Because video can work better than print or audio to convey a message, "show rather than tell" exchanges could bring evident productivity benefits.

Your field technicians may be faced with a situation they cannot resolve on their own, where voice and text alone may not be sufficient to describe the issue to a remote supervisor. As a consequence, the maintenance or repair may not be solved on the initial appointment, requiring the ticket to be returned to the queue in order to be assigned to a more experienced technician.

Imagine how mobile live video could help your field workers call an office-based expert and say "let me show you." Because video uses our visual and audio clues, we are able to imagine ourselves solving the problem, and your video-enabled technicians will get the best possible support to resolve tough and complex tasks.

Mobile Video Increases Productivity, Improves Customer Satisfaction
Not only can live mobile video put you on the road to major productivity gains, it can also help you increase customer satisfaction. By giving your service and field technicians the means to effectively collaborate with remote experts, they will more frequently be able to "fix it the first time" and reduce the average service time. The overall impact on your customer satisfaction rates can be substantially positive.

In addition, important costs savings can be achieved by avoiding extra dispatch of resources to customer locations. You may even decide to send smaller crews or less experienced personnel in the field, knowing that you can support them remotely with an extra pair of eyes.

There's no better time to put the power of live mobile video to work for your business.

Think about how you could make a more efficient use of your Subject Matter Experts. By reducing the number of trips and saving considerable travel time, your most experienced experts can assist on more operations. Remote mobile video sharing capabilities can even help make your company more "green" by reducing your carbon footprint.

The age of mobile video has come. Now is the perfect time for you to empower your employees to collaborate and problem-solve more efficiently. Combine innovative mobile + live + video, and drive your business productivity forward!