ETAdirect Professional

Source: TOA Technologies

ETAdirect Professional offers not merely the simplicity and ease of SaaS software, but also the adaptive intelligence of patented algorithms that learn from experience.

Tame the Road. Master Time. Decaffeinate Dispatchers.

With ETAdirect Professional, you can do it all in just 4 weeks.

Whether your field service employees number several dozen or several thousand, managing them can become a whole lot easier, smarter and saner. ETAdirect Professional from TOA Technologies enables mobile operations to run smoothly, predictably and efficiently – so efficiently, in fact, that you measure ROI in weeks, not years.

With ETAdirect Professional, you now can:

  • Slash overtime, unnecessary trips and no-shows.
  • Boost job completion rates, on-time performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Provide mobile employees easy access to information, quick connections with co-workers and all the knowledge needed to get the job done right and on time – all in the palm of their hand.
  • Get up and running in as little as 4 weeks, with no capital investment required.

Check out the ETAdirect Professional datasheet at the link above to learn more!