Article | March 13, 2018

Enable Your Field Service Teams To Tap The Force

Source: Zinc

By Deirdre Mahon, Zinc

Field Service Messaging

Using Real-Time Communication To Let Field Service Teams Tap the Force

When you are out in the field servicing customers everyday—installing and fixing a product or updating a service—you are very much a ‘lone wolf’. In other words, most of the day is spent working alone, problem-solving with tremendous pressure to finish within a specific timeframe and move on to the next job.

When on a customer visit, anything could happen, impacting your ability to complete the job well. Events can range in frustration level and complexity, such as needing to change your entire route because a customer can’t be onsite. Or it could be a more complicated situation, such as missing a part that is necessary for finishing the install.

There also are external factors out of your control that can impact your ability to get work done. From inclement weather to bad traffic, or perhaps something as catastrophic as a hurricane, anything can happen when you’re on the go. Additionally, you have to be up-to-date on the latest training certifications to be prepared for any customer visit.

All of these moving parts can put a strain on technicians, but when they have the “force” of the entire field service organization behind them, there’s a clear path to victory—and excellent service.