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Emerging Technologies In Field Service: Driving Real Solutions And Better Business Outcomes

Source: Astea International
iOS Field Service Enterprise Support

For manufacturers and distributors, service has become an important competitive differentiator and a huge driver of both revenue and customer satisfaction.

This is causing a shift in business models as these companies make cultural, engagement, and technological advancements in selling not only products but outcomes.

Technology advancements like IoT, Big Data, augmented reality, machine learning, and AI have grown in their adoption among field service operations to drive better service results. But as service becomes central to business success, how well are these technologies delivering on their promise for a better industry?

In this 2019 Field Service USA report, we benchmark how the latest tools in field service are improving results for customers, service teams, and business as a whole. Featuring a dedicated, in-depth analysis of four technology categories—IoT and Big Data; on-site augmented reality and wearables; AI and machine learning; and field service management (FSM) technologies—these real-world data provide you with a complete picture of the cutting-edge technology performance landscape.