Source: B2M Solutions

Actionable Analytics for Ruggedized, Mission-Critical Mobile Devices.

Elemez™ from B2M Solutions™ gives mobile device OEMs, managed service providers and enterprise customers real-time operational views of key business and technology analytics affecting the performance and productivity of mobile enterprise deployments. Elemez helps customers and partners around the world evolve from simply managing their devices to monitoring and measuring the impact of their mobile deployments on their business-critical operations, giving customers a much needed way to easily evaluate the return on their enterprise mobility investments.

Compatible with mobile device management (MDM) platforms, Elemez is a highly scalable, cloud-based Software- as-a-Service solution. It captures, aggregates, analyzes, stores and reports on mobile device behavior and performance aspects such as WLAN signal strength, battery performance and application utilization. Elemez’s leading- edge analytics can be used to enhance your competitive posture, enable support centers to be more proactive, and optimize product development and marketing strategies.

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