Magazine Article | March 26, 2009

Drive Efficiency With LXE Vehicle-Mount Computers

Source: Field Technologies Magazine
Integrated Solutions, April 2009
Corru-Kraft, a division of Amcor Sunclipse, is a supplier of corrugated materials that operates three plants in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. The company wanted to replace its existing vehicle-mounted computers with units whose enhanced flexibility and dependability would increase efficiencies throughout the company's manufacturing facilities. Twenty-two LXE VX6 vehicle-mounted computers, installed at Corru-Kraft's Buena Park, CA, plant, are helping to achieve this goal.

In 2006, Corru-Kraft decided that upgrading the vehicle-mount computers and RF (radio frequency) infrastructure of its manufacturing facilities would be instrumental in maintaining its focus to increase efficiencies going forward. At the time, all three plants had a combination of vehicle-mount devices from LXE, whose 1280 and 1320 terminals the company had been using for several years on a Cisco 900-gigabit wireless network backbone and units from another company. Communications were managed via the AIX and IBM AS/400 server platforms. "This wasn't an ideal situation for us," says Rich McMasters, project manager of manufacturing applications. "The other vendor's units were not that dependable."

Corru-Kraft was impressed with the reliability, ruggedness, and versatility of LXE's products, as well as with the service it had received as an LXE customer for more than a decade. Once again, Corru-Kraft turned to the vendor, asking first for assistance with an upgrade of the Buena Park plant. LXE conducted a comprehensive site survey of the facility. Based on the survey and a thorough assessment of Corru-Kraft's needs, LXE recommended that the plant be fitted with its VX6 vehicle-mount computer, along with a Cisco 2.5-gigabit wireless network backbone. The Buena Park plant currently utilizes the vehicle-mount device on seven forklifts and seven clamp trucks.

The VX6 has sparked significant operational improvements in Corru-Kraft's Buena Park plant. Malfunctioning devices can be quickly exchanged for working ones, without any worries about platform compatibility. An ability to handle varied equipment power requirements means the units can be moved from one type of equipment to another; for example, a VX6 used on a forklift is easily relocated to a clamp truck. System connections are retained more consistently, and lost connections are recovered faster.