Webinar | June 23, 2016

Do Rugged Tablets Really Cost More Than Any Other Mobile PC Option?

Source: Xplore Technologies

Everybody wants today’s investments to last at least five years. So why would you buy a mobile PC that is almost guaranteed not to survive that long in your daily work environment? Most global workers are no longer tethered to a desk all day long. Traditional office workers may partake in off-site meetings or customer site visits. Many in the military or field service (utilities, telecom, public safety, transportation, oil & gas) are on their feet all day by nature of their job. Indoor warehouse and manufacturing employees are on the move throughout the facility. And part time-employees working in retail, restaurants, and other customer service environments rely on shared computers at the Point of Sale.

Nearly every worker in every industry benefits from:

  • The protection of ruggedized computer for one reason or another (even drops and spills happen inside)
  • Full speed PC performance
  • Lightweight, truly mobile computers that expedite revenue-generating actions

So the questions become:

  • Can you find a mobility solution that meets all three criteria without compromising on device/data protection or performance?
  • How much would you pay for peace of mind?
  • And how much does peace of mind really cost? How do you put a value on tangible or intangible mobility factors?