Webinar | November 11, 2019

Discover The Power Of The Cloud For FSM

Source: Astea International

Can you guarantee your customers uninterrupted service?

Your customers demand fast, uninterrupted service. Can you guarantee your in-house servers that host critical systems such as your FSM platform—won’t ever go down unexpectedly?

With companies spending up to 75% of their IT budgets on legacy systems that don’t help them deliver quicker service,many FSOs are looking to the cloud for a better solution.

Join Field Technologies Online as we interview Astea’s Director of Cloud Hosting Services, Erik Breen, in this on-demand Q&A webinar.

During the webinar, you’ll learn the pros and cons of various cloud deployment options and understand how cloud-hosted FSM solutions help you to deliver customer-centric, value-added service. Plus, we’ll share how Astea clients are leveraging the cloud to provide a level of service flexibility that their competitors simply cannot match.

Save your seat now to learn more about:

  • The speed and flexibility of cloud-deployed solutions that enable your team to address customer concerns faster
  • High availability and resiliency of cloud solutions that guard against system downtime, and thus lost business
  • Usage-based pricing models that provide a cost-effective means of connecting your workforce and customers
  • How cloud hosting can simplify your IT systems while helping you harvest valuable data insights that can eliminate inefficiencies