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Digital Transformation: What Does It Mean For Customer Experience Management

Source: Astea International
ERP 2028 Part 2: Traceability And Digital String?

The customer experience (CX) space is crowded with buzzwords. Is "digital transformation" one of them?

To answer this question, let's observe if digital transformation has any parallels with another buzzword, "big data." Not too long ago, approximately five years ago, big data was everywhere. It was presented as the latest technology trend that companies must adopt to survive. In reality, big data wasn't a new technology. It wasn't a revolutionary concept companies could leverage to disrupt competition. The term refers to the continuously growing volume of data that companies capture and generate. There are numerous technologies available to standardize the processes used to capture this growing volume of data, store it, analyze it and dispose of it. However, the fact remains that data growing at faster rates than ever before was not a new concept.