Article | October 10, 2018

Digital Business Transformation: How To Accelerate To The IoT Edge

Source: Telit
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IoT Transformation: Shortening the Drive to a Digital Business

Are we there yet?

Remember that car journey to take the kids to visit the grandparents?  It always seemed you had barely left the driveway when a voice from the back seat asked – “Are we there yet?”  

Right now, across the world, there’s a veritable army of C-level executives in countless organizations - all of whom understand that their business needs to undergo a digital transformation with an IoT deployment at its heart – and yet still find themselves staring at their CIO or an under-pressure project manager and asking that question:

Are we there yet? 

But here’s the thing… not only are they not there yet, but half the time they are not even in agreement about where ‘there’ is – or indeed, how long it should take for the transformation to occur. Open-ended projects are the opposite of tight, focused management; CEOs hate them. However, unless the executives are united at the start of a transformation project and know exactly what they want to achieve within each area of their business, then the project is likely to get off to a slow start and an even slower finish.

The thing is, even the people within the business charged with managing and overseeing the process don’t really appreciate how complex an IoT deployment and business transformation project really is to implement. Please don’t misunderstand me, these people are not ignorant, nor lacking in technical knowledge or business expertise. They believe they have a good understanding of the task ahead. However, until you have actually lived through a big transformation project, you are almost always planning in the dark.

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