White Paper

Developing Your Field Service Maturity: From Concept To Reality

Source: FieldAware
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In our white paper Field Service Maturity: Is the Time Right for your Evolution? we looked at how most companies working in field service today have some form of technology they use, which takes them beyond relying solely on the manual processes of paper-based systems. This can vary significantly, from the basics of utilizing a smartphone out in the field through to the most complex of field service management solutions and other emerging technologies we see today.

The maturity of a company’s field service management, in terms of the technology being used, can be dictated by numerous elements. These could be the company size, the industry and type of clients they serve, the complexity of the workflow, the value of assets and equipment they supply and service, and their leadership.

While these operational aspects dictate and are directly related to the technological needs, it is also true that the operational maturity of an organization can be shaped by how advanced their field service management is.