Magazine Article | February 1, 2001

Deterring Disco Downers With Biometric Technology

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By layering biometrics with smart cards, 15 nightclubs in the Netherlands installed safety measures for club members. The company also set up loyalty programs via a silicon chip in the cards.

Integrated Solutions, February 2001

You may have seen it in movies such as "Sneakers" and "Mission Impossible." You might have assumed that the wealthy governments of the world use it for high-level security. But, did you ever imagine that biometrics would be used at a local hot spot for dancing? Probably not, but that is just what 15 nightclubs in the Netherlands have signed up to do.

The clubs are implementing Keyware Technologies' biometric technology to identify patrons who have previously created problems in the nightclubs. The number one reason nightclubs are implementing such technology is safety. By implementing Keyware's cutting-edge identification system, nightclub owners will be able to prevent the problems caused by unruly patrons and provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for all.

"Providing a safe and drug-free environment for patrons is a major concern of nightclub owners," said Francis Declercq, president and CEO of Keyware Technologies. "This authentication system, based on Keyware's multi-layered biometrics technology, will prevent troublemakers from destroying the fun of other nightclub patrons. The deployment of this application is another step forward in bringing biometrics to mainstream applications."

Enrolling The Patrons
Patrons of each nightclub will receive a biometric membership card. The club-goers will go through a short enrollment process to put their face and finger bio prints onto the membership card. Each time a patron attends a club, his or her physical characteristics will automatically be verified against the bio print information on the smart card.

In order to create an appropriate system for the nightclubs, Keyware teamed up with systems integrator Interstrat, based in the Netherlands, to customize the biometric solution for the nightclubs. The two companies first determined what type of biometrics to install. "We decided to implement face and fingerprint biometrics in the nightclubs," said John Brockberg, Keyware product manager.

Layering Biometrics With Smart Cards
Layering multiple biometrics is a concept that Keyware is familiar with. Considering that biometrics measure human characteristics and that human characteristics are imperfect, Keyware felt that layering biometrics was a better way to identify individuals. By using multiple biometrics, Keyware has developed intelligent software that can better gauge the rejection and acceptance of an individual. Keyware layered two types of biometric techniques, face and fingerprint, with a smart card the user carries.

The silicon chips on the smart cards can also be used for marketing purposes such as adding "disco dollars" to a member's card, similar to the concept of frequent flyer miles. The biometric cards will be available in different shapes, colors, and sizes based on the atmosphere and location of the nightclub. Eventually, advertisements from retailers looking to gain the attention of the nightclub audience will be imprinted on the cards.

Keyware and Interstrat plan to distribute the biometric smart card system in other sport and entertainment-based franchises.