Webinar | November 15, 2018

Demystifying Digital Transformation

Source: Astea International

Join Field Technologies and The Service Council for the webinar, “A Practical Approach to Demystifying Digital Transformation” sponsored by Astea International

The phrase, “Digital Transformation” has become a buzzword in the service world over the last few years. Yet it is a concept that has many definitions, depending on whom you ask. 

There is no one right answer. But the “right” answer is what will work for your organization. 

If you’re NOT one of the 53% of service leaders that have a clear transformation strategy in place, this on-demand webinar is for you.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Define “digital transformation” for your organization
  • Deploy digital technology for the first time or improve what you’re already doing
  • Take on the digitalization challenge without detracting from other goals
  • Attract and develop new talent that is primed for the digital mindset
  • Create a plan that has higher customer value as the outcome

View this on-demand webinar and walk away with concrete, actionable ideas for realistic next steps for digital transformation in your organization.

Proudly sponsored by Astea International.