Article | February 9, 2018

Data Analytics: A Key to Successful Field Service

Source: Field2Base, Inc.

By Brendan Rahilly, Product Manager, Field2Base

Analytic Software Reduces Downtime

The idea that data analytics plays a vital role to a business’ success is an understatement to say the least. Take the following scenario for example:

  • A telecommunications company launches a new smartphone that ends up not being as profitable over time as projected, resulting in loss in revenue. Zero market or product research analysis was completed before or after the product launch. How would the telecommunications company determine the flaws in their launch to improve for next time?

This type of scenario is exactly where data analytics come into play. It would be extremely helpful to the telecommunications company’s research team if it were able to get the details about who purchased the smartphone and why they bought it. Using the sales data captured, analytics would allow the company to break down data and find those answers.

Whether it’s making decisions on the next product or troubleshooting customer issues in the field, data analytics is key to learn and sustain success.

In the field service industry specifically, it’s imperative for companies to track their employees, installations, and customer issues through a paper-free mobile form solution. But why?