News | February 9, 2012

DAP Technologies To Preview Two New Rugged Products At Modex

Modex attendees to get sneak peek at new 10-inch, high-resolution vehicle-mount computer with four-hour back-up battery and modular mounting cradle with Wireless USB

Modex, Booth 812 - Modex attendees will get the first look at two new products coming from DAP Technologies: the V1010 vehicle-mount rugged computer with a 10-inch XGA display and the patent-pending quick-connect/disconnect modular Intelligent Docking System with Wireless USB.

The V1010 vehicle-mount computer offers a rugged, high-resolution XGA 10-inch touch screen display and a choice of Windows Embedded 7 and Windows CE 6.0 for seamless migration into most supply-chain environments.

While drawing its main power from a forklift or other industrial vehicle, the V1010 is also equipped with its own back-up battery, which provides continuous power for up to four hours, minimizing downtime associated with transferring the computer between vehicles.

DAP's V1010 also offers advanced communications options including Wireless USB, carrier-independent wireless broadband from Gobi TM 3000, and integrated ZigBee wireless technology. The vehicle-mount computer runs on the Intel E660T industrial processor and has 2 GB DDR2 RAM and a 32 GB solid-state drive.

"The V1010 packs a lot of power and functionality into a slim form factor that transitions from vehicle to vehicle with ease," said DAP's Vice President Eric Miller. "Its 10-inch display complements our 7-inch rugged tablet and our widely deployed 12-inch vehicle-mount computer."

The added value of DAP's new V1010 vehicle-mounted computer is its ability to coexist with DAP's M9010 rugged tablet. The two products share an innovative, patent-pending mounting system that offers a quick-connect/disconnect feature, as well as an expandable interface enabling connection to various peripherals.

DAP's new Intelligent Docking System does more than simply secure a computer to a forklift, truck or other industrial vehicle and provide power. The mounted system is able to connect through traditional contacts or, as in the case of the M9010 tablet and V1010, through Wireless USB to minimize failure points between the cradle and the device.

With the Intelligent Docking System, customers are no longer limited to the number of I/Os on a computer. Borrowing from the modular design philosophy of DAP's computers, its unique modular design allows for maximum flexibility to fit the intended application by seamlessly integrating expansion modules with additional I/Os to meet most application needs. The quick-connect/disconnect cradle offers customers I/O ports for peripherals like barcode readers, document scanners, printers, weight scales and telemetry interface to the vehicle's onboard computer.

"We know there is no such thing as one solution fits all. Customers often have a need for both tablets and fixed-mount computers," said Khalid Kidari, DAP's director of product management and marketing. "With this cradle, customers get a sturdy docking system that accommodates both form factors for ease of purchase and implementation, thereby maximizing and expediting their return on investment."

The V1010 and Intelligent Docking System will be on display in booth 812 at Modex in Atlanta on Feb. 6-9. The devices will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year.

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