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Customer Service Rated Top Concern Of Field Service Managers

Source: Trimble

Trimble Road Ahead Report Focuses on Challenges Facing Field Service Executives

Customer Satisfaction is the No. 1 Concern of Field Service Managers

Fuel prices and budget woes are no longer the top concerns of field service companies, according to a survey commissioned by Trimble Field Service Management. The No. 1 challenge facing field service professionals today is customer service.

The findings come from a report entitled ‘The Road Ahead – The Future of Field Service Delivery,’ which examines the issues field-based organizations struggle with in today’s economy. The survey was conducted by Proteus, an independent market research agency, and involved in-depth interviews with 100 managers and directors of businesses based in the U.S. with field service departments across a variety of industries including communications (phone, cable and satellite), utilities, trade (HVAC, plumbing and electrical) and waste management.

A key finding of the survey was that an emphasis on customer service is more important than cutting costs, with just 42 percent of respondents stating that reducing expenses is a goal, compared to 76 percent saying that customer satisfaction is the No. 1 concern.

Though customer service is the No. 1 issue for businesses with mobile workforces, the research also found that increasing workforce productivity was a high priority, which reflects the importance companies are placing on service and meeting customer expectations.

When it comes to technical solutions, 72 percent have upgraded their workforce technology in the last year, and 43 percent plan to upgrade in the future.

Another key finding was that 80 percent placed driver safety as a higher priority than it was five years ago. This could be attributed to changes in company policies, new legislation and rising insurance costs. About 60 percent of the respondents said they are using technology to help monitor and improve driver safety.

The survey also found that organizations are investing in different programs to achieve service excellence, such as customer feedback and safe driving initiatives.

Respondents rated green initiatives as important for social awareness and public image. When discussing eco-friendly initiatives, monitoring fuel usage was the favored way to reduce CO2 emissions and control costs.

“The report confirms that enterprises are becoming increasingly customer-centric in the field services industry,” said Mark Forrest, general manager of Trimble Field Service Management. In spite of concerns about fuel prices and operational costs, businesses realize the need to deliver the best service possible to stay ahead. There is no question that organizations must adapt to meet customers’ changing service expectations and understand the impact that this can have on the business, both from a financial and operational perspective. In addition, it is encouraging to see more companies embracing worker safety as an integral part of service excellence.”

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Source: Trimble