News | January 22, 2019

Curo Releases 2019 Version Of Mobile Field Services Management App

Atlanta mobile field and home services management provider Curo announced the release of the 2019 version of its market-leading application. The Curo application for field and home service companies is designed to be their most valuable tool in the field. Companies regain a full hour of productivity for every single technician, every day, and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling and verifying work. The simplicity of the app enables every crew member to help improve the speed and quality of work.

Curo’s patented process & GPS icons show where the work is, and which people, equipment and materials are required. The application lets managers know how work is progressing and verify completion from wherever they are -- allowing them to be virtually onsite 24/7. Video training and checklists make sure crews know how to do the work to meet quality and compliance standards, and managers and crews can do all of their communications without ever leaving the app.

Curo is designed to run natively on any computer or mobile device, so Curo runs optimally whether the device is iOS or Android. The app even has offline capability when wireless and mobile data is unavailable.

“We consistently hear from our customers that Curo truly is their most valuable tool in the workplace. They’re recapturing lost productivity and improving the quality and speed of their work,” said Greg White, Chief Executive Officer, Curo. “The result is that their crews and customers are more satisfied and the improvements result in increased credibility with their people and their customers. It’s a game-changer for their business.”

Watkins Erosion Control rolled out the application to its field services crews and quickly saved approximately $9K per month in lost labor costs. Watkins deploys work crews to prevent erosion at vulnerable construction sites around Atlanta, Georgia.

Using the Curo app, the right workers are assigned to the right task, with all the customer information, driving directions and job details needed so that workers have everything they need right at their fingertips to complete a job. When a project is done, the worker takes a picture and sends it to a Crew Lead for confirmation that it was done right. And throughout the day, managers and Crew Leads can track the progress of work as it happens.

“With Curo’s scheduling and location features, we were immediately able to deploy crews to sites faster, and have recaptured 150 wasted labor hours per week,” said Watkins Operations Manager Ashley Osterholt.

The increased productivity has increased the number of jobs that Watkins completes in a week, and Watkins is using those found hours to put its crews to work more often.

"With Curo my time spent scheduling was cut by 3 1/2 hours a day,” said Osterholt. “We saved $450 on the very first day by deploying our crews 30 minutes earlier, so Curo paid for itself in less than 2 days...and I believe we’ll gain another half-hour of labor a day.”

Source: Curo