Guest Column | December 22, 2016

Connected Field Service In 2017

Cell Tower Locations

By John Cameron, General Manager, Trimble Field Service Management

The difference between what makes a great working day or a poor one, is very often to do with how all the components are connected. Connection and integration has been a key theme this year and will continue to gather importance throughout 2017.

Central to field service success is the customer and a company’s ability to align more closely with them. The opportunity to closely link customers into the service delivery workflow has increased dramatically, thanks to the internet of things, and this trend will grow over time. Service Management organizations that invest time and technology in aligning themselves with their customers can see improved growth in their revenue - as much as 6% as reported in our last survey.

By 2020, Gartner, Inc. predicts 26 billion devices other than smartphones, tablets and computers to be connected via the Internet of Things. Field service organizations need to start preparing for this wave in 2017 but there are some immediate actions that they can take now.