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Clairvoyant Connect™ Minimizes Integration Expense And Time To Market With First Enterprise-Ready Cellular Wrist Wearable

Clairvoyant Networks, Inc. proven hardware with Android™ open software platform accelerates IoT deployment for mission-critical applications

Austin, TX (PRWEB) - Clairvoyant Networks, Inc., developer of award-winning technology for remote monitoring, announced the availability of an OEM version of the Company’s wearable. The rugged but lightweight Clairvoyant Connect Smart Cellular Wearable is a pre-certified, tried and tested solution that saves money and valuable custom application development time. This provides law enforcement, healthcare, utilities, supply chain, and other enterprises a fast path to needed mission-critical solutions.

Stephen Popovich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clairvoyant Networks, Inc., states, “We’ve already done the heavy lifting for systems integrators (SI) by building an enterprise-ready wearable from the ground up for ease of use, integration into existing technology, safer two-way communications, and with application development. Clairvoyant Connect provides a much faster, lower-cost solution for SIs and organizations to deploy IoT technology, and as a result companies can more easily justify new innovative applications.”

According to a 2020 industry report (1), the enterprise wearables market is projected to grow almost 41% globally, valued at $37B by 2025 with wrist wearables dominating this space. This presents an enormous opportunity for businesses that want to implement new technology to be more agile, responsive, and fast to remain competitive. Businesses rely on their SI partners to bring them the latest solutions that are easy to use and integrate, scalable, and budget sensitive.

Clairvoyant Connect drastically decreases development time and expense because its technology was built with enterprise IoT in mind, with an existing installed base of thousands of wearable devices. The cellular certifications – a process that can take up to a year and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – have been secured. The Android software stack provides an open platform for application development, simplifying integration with existing solutions and adding new functionality much faster, with the full support of Clairvoyant’s experienced engineering team. Collectively, this presents a solid, cost-saving acceleration path to deployment for SIs seeking a best-in-class solution for their customers.

Features on the Clairvoyant Connect wearable include:
Fast-path custom application development. Clairvoyant Networks is here to support application development, and our experienced engineering team is available to collaborate.

Pre-certified and compliant. Cellular IoT gateways require many certifications that can take months or even years to obtain and can be very expensive. In addition to already having PTCRB cellular certification, the Clairvoyant Connect Smart Wearable has 16 more safety, environmental, and emissions certifications.

Wearable as an IoT gateway. Clairvoyant Connect eliminates the need for tablets, laptops, and additional cellular devices which keeps your employees lighter, safer, and able to access applications and data more easily through the wearable.

Remote monitoring and SOS feature supports the safety of mobile and lone workers. The wearable provides hands-free cellular communications, GPS tracking, and an SOS button for rapid response, all of which can increase employee confidence while helping managing risk for those in more rugged environments.

Additional available software applications. Wi-Fi, weather, and other existing software applications can be leveraged for new customer applications, with new technology in continual development.

Proven, future-proof cellular technology. The rigorously tested wearable/IoT gateway uses the latest 4G/LTE technology and is 5G compatible.

Increased safety by design. A wearable communications gateway with hands-free communication is not only more convenient for employees, but also safer than badges, cell phones, and lanyards that can be difficult to handle or get tangled in equipment in rugged environments.

About Clairvoyant Networks, Inc.
Recognized for its innovative wearable technology, Clairvoyant Network, Inc.’s IoT solutions deliver situational awareness to keep people and businesses connected anytime, anywhere. The Clairvoyant Connect wearable gateway is a proven solution for enterprise applications to support remote monitoring, information sharing via the cloud, employee safety, two-way communications, and more. The Company participates in ongoing research studies with government health organizations and academia to support healthier living, working, and activity with built-in emergency communications for consumers, patients, and employees. Clairvoyant Networks, Inc., has offices in Austin, TX, and Raleigh, NC. For further information and to see how we can help you, please call us at 512-371-6164 or go to Follow us on Twitter @Theora_Care or

1 Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. (2020, April). The Global Enterprise Wearable Global Outlook and Forecast 2020–2025. Arizton.Com.

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