White Paper

Chat Bots In Customer Experience: The Modern Way To Sell More & Serve Better

Source: Astea International
Field Service Software Selection

This report observes how the use of chat bots influences company performance in managing customer experiences. It also highlights the building blocks companies must establish to minimize the risk of potential pitfalls and maximize returns from investing in this technology.

The ROI of Chat Bots Between March and June of 2017, Aberdeen surveyed 422 businesses regarding the trends and best practices influencing their customer care programs. These businesses were asked what technologies they currently use (and plan to use) to support executing their strategies. This is significant, as the June 2017 CEM Executive’s Agenda 2017: Data- Driven Approach to Delight Customers study shows that investing in relevant technologies is the second top strategy successful firms use to achieve their goals. To this point, the survey findings revealed that 23% of companies currently use chat bots (see sidebar) as part of their customer experience technology mix.