Case Study

Chace Building Supply Simplifies Mileage Tracking, Boosts Customer Service

Source: NexTraq
Telematics In Trucking

Chace Building Supply company relies on NexTraq’s easy-to-use reporting tools to track vehicle mileage and meet IFTA regulations.


Chace Building Supply is a retail lumberyard based in the upper northeast corner of Connecticut, bordering Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Since it delivers building supplies in three states, Chace needed a better way to manage the miles its delivery trucks logged in each state for federal IFTA (International Fuels Tax Agreement for Motor Carriers) reporting. The company also wanted to offer better customer support by being able to provide customers a more accurate arrival time for their material delivery. To deliver the latter, Chace needed to know where its vehicles were at all times. High reliability of the solution was key.

Chace was using an incumbent fleet tracking provider, but was disappointed with the reliability of the solution. Trucks would frequently not register, leaving Chace’s operations manager blind to their location, status, and arrival/departure times. The incumbent provider’s technical support also was frustrating and did not meet Chace’s expectations.