White Paper

CFO's Guide To Field Service Management Software

Source: Astea International
Predictive Field Service

Field service has transitioned from a cost center to a significant source of revenue for many organizations. As such, field service organizations (FSOs) have been tasked with increasing growth – attracting more customers and revenue, expanding the number of service contracts signed, and/or offering new services.

Traditionally FSOs have had to add staff as they pick up new clients, including more technicians, dispatchers, and administrative and support staff. But many service-driven companies are being asked to create not just revenue growth, but profitable revenue growth. They must figure out how to grow without incurring significant additional expenses in the form of labor, overhead, or other costs.

Field service management (FSM) software can play a critical role in enabling this type of growth, but it comes with its own costs. An FSM software deployment requires a significant investment in the software, mobile hardware, integration, and services required to get the solution up and running. However, an FSM solution can provide a long-term, recurring return on investment (ROI) both through reducing costs and by enabling the FSO to improve customer retention and grow top-line revenues.