Article | February 26, 2021

Can Field Service Be Same Day Delivery? (Yes, It Can!)

Field Service Technician COVID

UPS and FedEx aren’t the only companies that can offer same day delivery. Field service can as well. That is if you have the right service dispatch software in place to handle same day service delivery. Think of emergency situations. Your customer is experiencing a problem right this second and needs someone on site. There is no time to delay in their minds, but you, on the other hand, might not have a free technician. They might be assigned to different calls, out on installations, or be a great distance away from the customer.

There are simply many reasons why same day service can be very challenging for certain field service businesses. Especially the small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have the same workforce a larger business would. However, that doesn’t mean same day delivery isn’t achievable. You just need the right tools, scheduling processes, and insight to get to the job done. And then you can become an on-demand, same day delivery type of service. That has the added benefit of becoming a company your customers can trust by offering same day service.

Start with service dispatch software

Before getting to far into the weeds with becoming a same day service delivery business, you need to eliminate the processes that slow you down. Think of every process your business has to do to go from customer phone call to technician at their door.

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