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CalAmp Unveils Proven End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility Solution For Refrigerated Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals And Other High-Value Shipments

CalAmp's SC iOn™ Supply Chain Visibility solution helps ensure safe and efficient delivery of refrigerated vaccines, pharmaceuticals, perishables and other vital shipments

Irvine, CA /PRNewswire/ - CalAmp® (Nasdaq: CAMP), a connected intelligence company that helps people and businesses work smarter, today unveiled its new SC1302™ single-use smart tracking device that can monitor temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. The smart device provides granular visibility for the safe and efficient transport of COVID-19 vaccines and other pharmaceuticals and perishables, as well as various electronics and other high-value shipments. The new environmental sensor is commercially available, and first shipments are anticipated in the first half of 2021.

The sensor integrates with CalAmp's SC iOn™ Supply Chain Visibility software solution to empower real-time, end-to-end monitoring of shipments through a web interface. Using the solution, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and private fleet operators can monitor environmental conditions of perishable and environmentally-sensitive vital shipments from the minute they leave the manufacturer through multi-modal touchpoints via land, sea and air until they arrive safely at their final destinations. Technical users can directly integrate the sensor data into their own software solution via industry standard APIs and manage the device, all through the CalAmp Telematic Cloud platform.

CalAmp's SC iOn Supply Chain Visibility solution includes a portfolio of wireless sensors and other reusable and single-use devices that can be affixed to assets to track and collect critical data, such as temperature, light, shock, vibration and location throughout the shipment journey. If a shipment is in flight or out of cellular coverage, the sensors will continue to log the environmental data and automatically synchronize with CalAmp's fixed and mobile hubs once back in range to support chain of custody documentation and environmental reporting. The end-to-end supply chain solution facilitates compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements and provides enhanced control over shipment quality and integrity.

The environmental sensor solution meets the technological needs of shipping refrigerated pharmaceuticals. CalAmp customers who have trialed and are deploying the sensor have praised its ease of use, security, wide cellular range and extensive battery life, which is particularly beneficial for those transporting assets across long distances such as by sea.

The CalAmp end-to-end cold chain solution provides:

  • Reporting and data analytics: Complete logging of data to help document chain of custody in compliance with FSMA and GDP requirements, in addition to auto-synchronization of temperature logs with the hub to prove if shipment parameters were violated or remained within approved ranges
  • Critical alerts and notifications: Immediate web-based and mobile alerts when a shipment exceeds a predetermined temperature range or goes out of the authorized shipping zone, enabling supply chain operators to take corrective action to minimize spoilage and loss
  • Near real-time location tracking: CalAmp's smart sensors and disposable devices utilize GPS tracking to provide near real-time delivery estimates, current location and progress reports even when cargo is in the hands of a third-party provider
  • Geofencing and route fencing: Alerts notify users if the cargo deviates from the planned route or strays from authorized waypoints
  • Stationary and movement detection: Detection of when a shipment is moving or stalled, which is especially important when navigating high risk areas in route between waypoints
  • Tracking all modes of global transportation: Including by land, sea and air
  • Application Programming Interface (API) integration: CalAmp integrates with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to facilitate information sharing, collaboration and transparency along the entire cold chain and with key stakeholders
  • External sharing of critical sensor readings and history: A device's sensory reading, location and historical data can be shared with other parties. For example, a warehouse worker in a third-party distribution center can quickly access the device's information without needing a login to CalAmp's application to determine if it is safe to open the cargo.

"We developed a supply chain visibility solution that offers 3PLs and private fleet operators the ability to effectively and efficiently transport life-saving vaccines and other valuable assets. Delivery of these shipments can have a massive impact on restoring public health, the flow of critical commerce and other aspects of our day-to-day lives," said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management for CalAmp.

Visit the Cold Chain Solutions for Quality & Compliance page for more information on CalAmp's SC iOn Supply Chain Visibility solution for cold chain. For more information on COVID-19 vaccine shipping, read CalAmp's insights on the Forefront of Cold Chain Monitoring for Vaccine Shipping.

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