News | February 11, 2014

C2Logix And WIH Resource Group Announce Partnership

Route Optimization Leaders Announce Collaboration to Strengthen Technologies and Operations for the Solid Waste & Recycling Industry

C2Logix, Inc., an established leader in route optimization software, and WIH Resource Group, a global leader and provider of comprehensive waste management, recycling and business solutions, recently announced a partnership that will provide waste management companies with a single platform.

FleetRouteT by C2Logix is a high-density routing solution for the Solid Waste & Recycling, Street Sweeping, and Snow Plowing Industry. Developed by waste industry veterans and leading geographic information system (GIS) experts, the route optimization solution takes into consideration a fleets line up of vehicles, depots, landfills, transfer stations, and customer locations to determine the most efficient routes. Clients can license and manage FleetRoute internally or take advantage of the C2Logix complete managed services team.

"This partnership brings together two companies that are leading the change in helping waste and recycling entities address their challenges. By analyzing a company's business model and providing them with the means of cutting fleet operating costs, C2Logix with WIH Resource Group will be a great compliment to any waste management company," said Tony Esposito, CEO of C2Logix.

WIH Resource Group offers clients integrated waste management, recycling, M&A services environmental, logistical solutions, technology, expert witness, facility valuation, business development and transportation solutions. WIH Resource Group utilizes a proprietary process known as the Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) that analyzes customer's operations, leading to client-specific recommendations that can improve their business and operation performance. This unique combination will support an attractive ROI and return on capital employed (ROCE) targets usually associated with joint WIH Resource Group and C2Logix projects.

"The waste industry is constantly seeking ways to improve profits, increase customer retention, and operate more efficiently," said Bob Wallace, Principal & VP of Client Solutions of WIH Resource Group, Inc. "The partnership with C2Logix is a huge step in delivering on those goals. The combination of C2Logix's routing and data collection tools and WIH Resource Group's operational and financial analytical capabilities makes for a powerful combination that will benefit waste and recycling collection companies throughout the industry. We are pleased to form this strategic business alliance with C2Logix. With C2 Logix's route optimization software and WIH Resource Group's implementation and business optimization solutions, the alliance between the two companies offers waste management and recycling collection companies in both the private and public sectors an unprecedented opportunity to significantly improve their operations and profit margins."

About C2Logix, Inc.
C2Logix, Inc. is a pioneering company in the use of command and control logistics technologies. C2Logix's route optimization solutions (C2RouteApp, FleetRouteT, and TourSolverT) make street sweeping, snow-plowing, meter reading, waste collection, field service, delivery, and dispatch operations efficient and effective. C2Logix also provides related consulting services, and can act as a Service Bureau, performing route optimization, territory planning, and cost analysis using the technologies. For more information, visit

About WIH Resource Group
WIH Resource Group (WIH) is based in Phoenix, Arizona and provides its expertise to clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America. WIH and its affiliates also specialize in financial and operational analysis of integrated solid waste management programs. One of WIH Resource Group's primary missions is to serve the solid waste and recycling needs of local governmental agencies, municipalities and private sector clients. The team of experts at WIH Resource Group are uniquely qualified to assist clients with solid waste, recycling and transportation consulting services. For more information, visit

Source: C2Logix, Inc.