Article | December 1, 2017

6 Business Impacts Of Poor Communication You'll Want To Avoid

Source: Zinc

By Kristen Wells, Zinc

Business conflict

Why Communication Matters

Effective communication is essential to the success of any business. Communication is the blood flow of a company, delivering the information employees need to get work done and providing the mechanism for building and strengthening relationships at work.

Research and personal experience show time and again that poor communication can negatively impact all aspects of the business, even leaking externally to customers. At the individual level, employees feel disconnected with no clear direction from management, leading to low satisfaction, engagement, and performance. At the department level, silos keep teams from working together efficiently and the absence of a clear vision and goals from the top can lead to unsatisfactory performance across the company. As this happens, customers take notice and often take their business elsewhere.

Organizations that fail to prioritize communication between employees with the goal of connecting employees to company goals are likely to experience the following business impacts.