Case Study

BUNN Adopts Remote Video Support AR Technology

Source: Help Lightning

BUNN is at the forefront of all dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers with a full portfolio of innovative products and first-in-industry technologies. The BUNN equipment portfolio is managed by teams headquartered in Springfield, IL USA who listen, anticipate and meet emerging trends for every channel.

Before investing in Help Lightning’s remote video support AR technology, BUNN had a go-to- market strategy that included a large third-party service provider network that managed most of their work orders. When they decided to grow their business, they chose to grow their own staff of service technicians.

“We knew we would ramp-up quickly and needed a way to help these folks that are new to the industry, or at least new to us, come up to speed swiftly,” says Tim Spencer, Senior Vice President and General Manager Service Operations at BUNN.

This was also the largest year in the company’s history for releasing new products, so BUNN was ramping up their service network significantly. They needed to rapidly onboard new technicians, but traditional classroom environments seemed too lengthy, expensive, and complex in terms of logistics.