Brochure | June 9, 2013

Brochure: Mobility Studio For ClickMobile

Source: ClickSoftware

The power to build, edit and roll out changes to ClickMobile

Mobility is a living, breathing thing. It sits on the front line—used on a daily basis by your field workforce and is a critical tool during on-site customer interactions. With that in mind ClickSoftware has created the Mobility Studio to allow for the rapid development and deployment of your mobile solution. This single, visual configuration tool allows you to manage your entire mobile solution with minimal amount of coding.

Get started with production-ready, pre-built Solution Packs, which serve as starter kits for a mobile solution. These packs ensure an easy and rapid initial configuration that aligns with your business requirements. From there, visual tools enable the drag-and-drop creation of user templates, forms, workflows, and views to cover most business scenarios.

The Mobility Studio is also integrated with the ClickAppStore, from which you can further expand the functionality of your mobile solution by downloading and using additional ready-made components.

Your ability to configure ClickMobile using the Mobility Studio also extends in the visual aspects of the solution. Add logos, change icons and even give the solution a fresh coat of paint using your corporate color palette. This not only makes the solution ‘yours’ but also helps reinforce your brand with customers and internal users.

Download the brochure to learn more.