Magazine Article | August 1, 2004

Backup Program Guarantees Access To Data

Source: Business Solutions Magazine
Business Solutions, August 2004

The California Healthcare Association (CHA) (Sacramento, CA) represents hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers in California in the state and federal legislative processes. On a daily basis, approximately 60 employees at CHA save important project and document files to multiple servers.

Executives at CHA were worried that this important data would be lost. For several years, CHA had been using a backup system for each of the organization's servers, but the program did not properly perform scheduled backups or restore critical files.

Provide Daily Backups Of Important Documents
IT staff at the California Healthcare Association downloaded UltraBac Software (Bellevue, WA) backup software in a free trial. Soon after, the program was installed on two servers at CHA's headquarters. "Backups ran as scheduled, and recovering a file or an entire server was straightforward," says Terry Sherb, CIO at CHA. "UltraBac's driver support for storage devices made our plan for integrating the solution into our existing network hardware hassle free."

Backups are now automatically scheduled to run every night. First, an image is created of the hard drive of every server on the network. Then UltraBac, running on the primary backup server, stores the server images on tape.

Since the backups are image-based, they can be recovered quickly if disaster strikes or important data is lost. "With our imaging software and off-site tape rotations, we now have a reliable backup solution," says Sherb.