Magazine Article | July 1, 2004

Automated POS System Speeds Up Retailer's Product Delivery

Source: Business Solutions Magazine
Business Solutions, July 2004

Theatre House is a theatrical supply store that generates 80% of its sales from mail order and the remainder at its retail storefront in Covington, KY. The store, which relied on a manual fulfillment process that was time-consuming and left too much room for error, needed to increase the efficiency of its retail management process. Theatre House wanted to automate this process to ensure that orders were accurately filled, inventory was always in stock, and supplies were shipped to customers in a timely manner.

Rick Gaukel, owner of Theatre House, implemented Cougar Mountain Software's (Boise, ID) POS (point of sale) system with Backoffice Accounting, version 8.0. The software is a comprehensive POS and accounting system that enables the store to increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps, and ensures accurate record-keeping in a fast-paced retail environment. "The software provides the tracking capabilities we need to function in our daily routine," said Gaukel.

The retail management software provides Theatre House up-to-date information on sales, inventory, and customers. It identifies items that need to be reordered, eliminating the need to manually check and recheck inventory. And it allows the company to customize reports and produce the information it needs to make financially sound business decisions. The POS software provides a secure audit trail, and a comprehensive list of accounting options, as well as several levels of security.

"The software has made our job much easier," says Gaukel. "It has eliminated five steps in our ordering process, bringing them down to one easy step."