Case Study

Automate The Entire Depot Support & Logistics Process

Source: CSDP Corporation

A mutual company sought to improve their depot logistics and repair process to better support their field services. Necessary functions included claims management, new hire management, and disaster responsiveness. At the outset, their Return Material Authorization (RMA) process was disorganized and disjointed; systems and parts were often sent to the incorrect departments. The client also needed to add value to off-the-shelf products. In addition, the client"s current system was unable to manage equipment tracking for its employees. The overall situation was one of disarray; their system was unable to manage several different functions resulting in serious delays in the deployment of services and employees.

CSDP"s SRM© solution was fully customized to meet this client"s unique needs. CSDP"s SRM© platform was given additional functionalities needed by the company:

  • Web-based platforms to allow outside users to initiate transactions
  • Cradle-to-grave transaction tracking to ensure successful issue resolution
  • Specially developed "field kits" to give tailored tools to each employee.

In addition, CSDP"s SRM© solution added vendor management, logistics and transportation management, and asset tracking.

CSDP helped this client provide a higher level of service and support to their customers while increasing the responsiveness of their employees, new hires, and claim processing. This solution resulted in increased customer satisfaction by 8%, increased claims processing productivity of 10%, increased employee satisfaction, cost reduction, and increased long term customer commitment. This client has been partnered with CSDP for over 12 years.