Article | August 10, 2021

Augmented Reality For Insurance Claims Investigation And Rapid Settlement

Source: OverIT
Insurance Adjuster Accident Damage

Virtual collaboration tools have elevated the user and customer experience. With the ability to connect with a remote expert in real-time and share the viewpoint through their mobile devices, less experienced field adjusters benefit from precise and guided support from an experienced claims expert for a specific type of claim. The number of errors and trips back to the claim site are reduced while carrying out complex analysis on the critical claim cost drivers, the junior adjuster performs the work in the field supported remotely by the seasoned adjuster. Site work execution is streamlined, rich and collaborative learning is achieved along with reduced travel times for the industry veteran.

Through the use of “assisted collaboration” provided by modern Claim Service tools, less experienced adjusters can now face each new claim scenario without sacrificing efficiency and reach unprecedented levels in terms of first-time claim resolution visits. This new reality coupled with rapid estimate creation enhances customer service, satisfaction, and retention of the carriers valued customers. We like to refer to this capability as the Always on Senior Claims Adjuster. When you have a pool of seasoned adjusters that can be scheduled to support your junior team through virtual collaboration, you have the ability to send a less experienced adjuster out to start adjusting virtually any claim, knowing that the staff with deep experience is ready to provide real-time virtual support.

Imagine enabling the policyholder with virtual collaboration

Virtual collaboration tools have also evolved that can enable your end customer to perform some basic claim triage to expedite their claim settlement process. For example, as soon as an adjuster is assigned and obtains a description of the loss, the adjuster can obtain some preliminary claim information virtually. All the adjuster needs to do is to text a link to the customer’s cell phone. The customer then clicks on the link and points their camera at the damaged property and the adjustor assigned to the case can see the claim particulars on their PC screen at the office.

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