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Astea International Launches Alliance Enterprise™-- The Newest Version Of Its Award-Winning Alliance Field Service Management And Mobility Platform

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Alliance Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade technology designed to unify the increasingly complex service ecosystem

Horsham, PA /PRNewswire/ - Astea International Inc., a leading global provider of field service management and mobility solutions, announced today the launch of Alliance Enterprise™, the newest version of its award-winning Alliance field service management and mobility platform. Alliance Enterprise introduces to the field service industry an entirely new perspective on how an enterprise-grade technology can unify the increasingly complex ecosystem in which service-driven companies must operate.

"Alliance Enterprise isn't just a new version of one of the most capable field service applications in the industry," said David F. Giannetto, chief operating officer at Astea International. "It is the transition of our technology into a platform that gives customers the power to streamline workflows to create differentiating customer experiences, integrate freely into any other environment, seamlessly and consistently interact with customers and stakeholders via nearly any medium, and do so using a new toolset that does not require technical capabilities. It gives organizations the ability to maximize the value of any workers—employees, third parties and contingent workers—during any type of service activity throughout the entire lifecycle. The platform also automatically updates end customers on the status of their service activities and helps management understand organizational performance out-of-the box."

Powerful Workflow And Integration Capabilities That Enable Agility

Alliance Enterprise puts powerful capabilities into the hands of non-technical users via a new process flow engine that offers graphical, drag-and-drop functionality to modify application workflows. This new tool can be harnessed by any user to build flexible, agile business processes that address a wide variety of needs such as integrations, multi-channel communication automation and service escalations. These custom workflows allow organizations to create a unique combination of processes that reflect the nuanced way leaders think about serving their customers, balancing costs versus service-level commitments, differentiating their customers' experience and managing profitability.

"I am extremely impressed with the new version of Astea's full lifecycle solution for service organizations—particularly the enhanced and user-friendly process flow functionality," said Greg Gibbs, vice president of global customer transformation at The Service Council, a global service community with 150,000 service executive members across six continents. "Astea has brought it all together in one intuitive application."

Alliance Enterprise also relies upon these workflow tools to design seamless integrations into the existing IT environment, giving it the flexibility to interact with a wide range of multiple disparate information sources. The platform can then trigger workflows without human intervention to create greater efficiency and provide employees access to all of the information they need to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

Enhanced Customer Self-Service Management Capabilities

The customer-centric design philosophy of Alliance Enterprise empowers service organizations to meet their clients' increasing demands for mobile, real-time participation in the service delivery process.

"With Alliance Enterprise, service companies can deliver a full customer self-service management capability that gives their clients the transparency and control they want," said Emily Hackman, director of global marketing at Astea International. "Through the Alliance customer portal and mobile app, customers have on-demand access to a 360-degree view of their service relationship, allowing them to address their service needs quickly and accurately. This heightened level of smart, instant self-service is convenient, mobile, and conforms to how customers want to interact with their service provider."

Smart Scheduling That Efficiently Connects All The Right People And Parts

Long considered one of the most mathematically intelligent scheduling optimization engines in the field service industry, Alliance Enterprise enhances this scheduling capability by integrating with FedEx® and UPS® to coordinate parts delivery dates with technician arrival dates. Additionally, Alliance's scheduling module creates schedules that incorporate the real-world situations your technicians and customers encounter daily. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook® to consider technicians' personal time off when creating schedules, and it also allows end customers to schedule appointments via the Alliance customer self-service mobile application or web portal.

Sleek, Web-Inspired User Interface Designed For Configurability And Usability

Alliance Enterprise sports a new clean look and feel that is highly configurable, enabling users to create a streamlined user experience, focusing their attention on only the information they need to do their job. Improved user satisfaction can drive better technology adoption and engagement, and ultimately a better customer experience.

"User expectations for ease-of-use have increased substantially with smartphone apps," commented the VP of Enterprise Software at ARC Advisory Group, Ralph Rio. "Astea's new software release provides this high level of usability across the workflow of a service activity including scheduling, dispatching, the service call, and billing. With improved ease-of-use comes higher organizational compliance, data integrity and trust in the software as a business planning and optimization tool."

To learn more about Alliance Enterprise, request an online demonstration.

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