Case Study

Asset Inspection App Cuts Workforce Requirement By Half

Source: Esri

UK Power Networks serves over eight million customers in the Greater London and south east areas. This large customer base depends on safe, reliable electric service. Recurring fires in underground cable pits posed a public hazard and caused power outages. The utility contracted Black & Veatch to rapidly inspect its facilities. Collector for ArcGIS enabled fast and accurate inspections and provided actionable data to help ensure the public's safety. 

Industry - Electric & Gas

Black & Veatch 

Recurring fires in cable pits posed a safety hazard and caused power outages. The rapid inspection of 47,000 assets was needed to address public safety concerns and ensure reliable electric service. 

Black & Veatch rapidly deployed a mobile solution using Collector for ArcGIS.

Black & Veatch halved the labor requirement, reduced the average cost per inspection, and improved efficiency, thereby saving over $180,000, eliminating site revisits, and ensuring the public's safety.