News | May 7, 2008

Airbus wins Best RFID Implementation Award Presebted By RFID Journal

Source: Field Technologies Magazine
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May 5, 2008 — More than 100 projects were nominated for Best RFID Implementation this year at RFID Journal LIVE! in Las Vegas and ODIN technologies' client, Airbus, took the coveted award. Carlo Nizam, Head of Value Chain Visibility and RFID at Airbus, accepted the honors and acknowledged that Airbus was dedicated to RFID as an enabler of internal benefits and efficiencies, commenting further they aim to set the standard in a cooperative way for the entire industry. For more information on the projects that led to the award visit In 2007, ODIN technologies was awarded a five year exclusive contract to design, develop, deploy and support all of Airbus' RFID projects worldwide.

"ODIN makes RFID easy, so Airbus can focus on the business value and not the physics of which tag or reader to choose and deploy. They give us 100% read rates and great support; at the end of the day that's what we need from a partner." Nizam commented in a breakout session at RFID Journal Live in Las Vegas, "In just a couple years, Airbus has established a leadership position in RFID adoption. Airbus has leapfrogged many others who tinkered with the technology for years, but failed to make coordinated commitments to deployment." ODIN technologies founder Patrick J. Sweeney II commented, adding "The Airbus team became leaders in RFID by clearly articulating the value, generating benefits and championing its use throughout the supply chain and then leaving the complex physics of RF and infrastructure to the experts."

"The RFID Journal Award for Best RFID Implementation is an acknowledgement of hard work by scores of Airbus employees across the globe. ODIN technologies is proud of our role in supporting Airbus' RFID initiatives and making RFID easy, accurate and reliable." Commented Diana Hage the ODIN technologies executive responsible for European operations and the Airbus account.

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