Article | May 11, 2018

Advantages Of Smart Translation Forms

Source: Field2Base, Inc.

By Howard Chen, Technical Implementation Engineer, Field2Base

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In the U.S., federal law requires many services and forms to be completed in Spanish and other languages. To do so, you need to send any forms to a translation agency for conversion, which doesn’t sound too difficult. But if there are additional changes missed in your original form, more rounds of back-and-forth communication between your office and the agency would be required. You might be thinking this isn’t too big of a deal, right?

The difficult part of this process is U.S. federal laws requiring you to translate your forms into 10, or even 100 different languages, and to be completed in one week. For example, look at North Carolina’s DMV page for English forms compared to their Spanish DMV forms; there are only 12 Spanish forms out of approximately 200 English forms, pointing out the obvious lack of translated digital forms.

The best way to overcome this obstacle is to utilize a mobile forms solution that provides localized, smart forms such as Field2Base. We’re able to handle these situations by separating the translatable content out of the form. Meaning, you’ll only need to maintain one part of your mobile form while the agency takes care of all the translations.