White Paper

A Hand-On Guide To Customer Engagement In Service Delivery

Source: Comarch
Preparing For eConsent - A Step By Step Guide For Site Personnel

When we assess customer service effectiveness in a company, we focus mostly on KPIs based on time – SLA compliance, mean time to complete a work order, and number of orders per day. However, time should be perceived as a key driver of service development, not only as one efficiency indicator.

The growing number of products and features, combined with the possibilities that come with mobile Internet access, have created an even greater need for fast and efficient solutions.

This trend was used by Uber, the company which built a digitized, mobile platform to provide effective peer- to-peer service, and to make rapid transactions between car drivers and clients. This business model has definitely disrupted the traditional taxi market, and in this way customers have won more time and better experience.

In order to ensure client satisfaction and engagement in an age of continuing “Uberization” of services and more impatient clients, your company shouldn’t focus only on the right personnel providing services in a timely manner, but should also consider the most convenient communication channel for the clients, adjusted to their time availability.


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