Case Study

A Flexible Solution To Meet Complex Medical Industry Requirements

Source: CSDP Corporation

A global medical chemical and hardware supply manufacturer needed to improve their entire customer service, project management and product recall processes. The company supplied a very large assortment of medicines to all levels of medical services; products in the field, as well as those inventoried for replenishment, needed to meet rigid government and industry standards. This resulted in the need for a specialized tracking system to aid in tracking and quick, efficient product recalls. The company was constantly growing through their investment in R&D and required a more powerful system to monitor and track their use of hardware in the chemical creation process. The company also needed a customer service platform that was flexible enough meet the unique and complex industry requirements and that integrated with their legacy systems, which included mainframe based, client server based and both homegrown and off-the-shelf applications. There were over 30 interfaces required, including both batch and real time and single directional and bidirectional.

The specific applications needed included call center, dispatch center, help desk, knowledge bases, field force, scheduling, routing, entitlement, contracts, invoicing for contract and time and material billing, parts, chemical handling and depot repair to support both internal processes along with their third party vendor needs. These applications would support a service department consisting of over 300 dispatchers, help desk employees, and parts logistics processers as well as field technicians and third party employees.

CSDP helped this pharmaceutical company develop a more powerful, streamlined project management process as well as a more effective service delivery department. CSDP developed a solution that was tailored to the highly precise and specific field of chemical processing. The client required that CSDP complete work within a specific budget and in less than one year. CSDP worked closely with both the business side of the organization to develop the application and with IT to implement the standards, structure and project management. Constant communication was critical to adapt to any new requirements and the project came in on time and on budget.