News | September 3, 2008

New 3M Mobile ID Reader Processes ID Documents On The Move

ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 3M helps define portable security with the introduction of the 3M Mobile ID Reader – the complete, hand-held data terminal for identity management on the move. Designed for maximum portability, ease of use and reliability, the 3M Mobile ID Reader is a durable, versatile, lightweight device that reads MRZ and RF chip data from passports, ID cards and other documents that serve as proof of identification.

"3M's new Mobile ID Reader offers airport authorities, border management officials and transportation officers a complete, easy-to-use, portable solution in verifying identity that provides the security they expect from 3M," said Rich Sanders, business manager for 3M Security Systems Division. "Battery operation enables the use of this hand-held unit in virtually any travel situation – from airports to ships, trains and vehicles."

3M Mobile ID Reader combines 3M's own reader technology with Psion Teklogix's WORKABOUT PRO hand-held data terminal to scan passengers' identity documents and capture their biometric data, verify these against a watch list and compile a manifest for export to a border control system. The unit's integrated touch screen and keyboard allow the operator to correct or manually enter data. Additionally, a wide range of wireless interface options, integral data storage and biometric technologies allow the unit to be customized for specific use.

Specialized Swiss Border Guard officers recently began using 3M Mobile ID Reader for reading and processing passports and identity documents of soccer fans traveling via train to the Euro 2008 event. The lightweight, portable device from 3M provides Swiss Border Guards with a way to accurately read identity documents on trains without reliance on non-secure transmission of data over radio waves. Rather than waiting minutes, officers can now authorize a document in a matter of seconds.

"With this technology at our disposal, we were able to stop people who thought trains offered a soft border entry point before they reached Switzerland and the tournament, quickly disrupting their travel plans," said Roger Zaugg, Commander Region North. "Officers carry lots of equipment and are pleased that we have a device that is small-enough to be transported in cars and is easily operated in the confined space of a train carriage."

As a leading global provider of innovative security solutions that use proprietary 3M technologies, including light management, optics, films, adhesives and holography, 3M has helped to solve a wide range of security problems for both government and private organizations, protecting everything from passports and drivers' licenses to electronic components and pharmaceuticals.

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