From The Editor | November 21, 2011

2011: A Year In Review Of Field Technologies

By Sarah Howland, Editor In Chief, Field Technologies magazine

When December rolls around, it’s always fascinating to reminisce about the hottest topics and trends of the year. In doing so, I thought it might be interesting to look back at some of the most frequently downloaded content on Field Technologies Online. Below are four of the downloads our users found most interesting in 2011.

Which Operating System Is Right For You? — — This is a white paper that discusses the importance of considering your OS choices when evaluating the purchase of a rugged mobile computer. This year, Android picked up a lot of buzz and consideration as a real contender and enterprise alternative to Windows. That said, the vast majority of devices in the rugged space today are still running Windows, and the end users I’ve talked with vary between having no immediate plans of changing to another OS and being very interested in the Android value proposition. It’ll be interesting to see what enterprise-grade Android devices will be introduced in 2012, and how much market share they’ll be able to take from Windows.

What You Need To Know About Tablets In The Enterprise — — As we’re all aware, tablets have dominated the mindshare of end users in 2011. The form factor has taken the market by storm since the introduction of the iPad, and I think the popularity of the form factor will persist in 2012. One of the big considerations for companies evaluating tablets is how rugged the device needs to be. This white paper dives into that topic, as well as a discussion of tablet market drivers, the advantages of the form factor, and tips for selecting the right tablet.

GPS Fleet Tracking: Not ‘Big Brother,’ Just Good Business — — As more and more companies take advantage of GPS location data, I hear more and more about the big brother concerns those companies face when rolling out the solution to their mobile workers and the resistance those workers have toward the technology. This article provides tips on how to overcome that objection with your mobile workforce and create buy-in to experience a successful GPS deployment.

Why Organizations Are Embracing Cloud-Based Field Service Solutions — — There’s no mistaking the shift in opinion of cloud computing from a few years ago. Companies’ mindsets have evolved from widely skeptical to embracing the benefits cloud solutions can offer. In fact, according to a survey explained in this white paper, 84% of respondents have little or no reservation about using a cloud-based offering to run their field service operations.

As we move into 2012, I look forward to uncovering the newest technology trends. And, as always, if there are topics you’d like to see covered in Field Technologies, please let me know.