• Why Flexibility Is Key In Choosing Field Service Software

    When companies start shopping for new software to manage their processes, they often begin by looking only at solutions designed for their industry. That can be a mistake. While that software may be perfectly suited for their needs at the moment of implementation, as businesses grow and adapt to new circumstances, it may not have the flexibility necessary to keep up.

  • The Importance Of Separating Out Pull-Through Work

    Maintenance contracts are one of the best ways a field service company can guarantee a steady stream of work throughout the year. What makes maintenance contracts even more valuable, however, is the extra pull-through work those service agreements bring in that your company otherwise may never have been considered for.

  • 6 Steps To Choosing The Right Field Service Software

    What makes field service organizations start looking to upgrade their software? One common reason is to speed up invoicing and billing cycles. For other organizations, moving from paper work orders to mobile field service tools may be critical.

  • 4 Tips For Creating A Credible Technician Compensation Plan

    After he’s finished with the emergency repairs, the field service technician talks with the customer for a few minutes, pointing out some preventive maintenance and parts upgrades that could improve the machine’s efficiency and prevent an expensive breakdown. The technician pulls together a work order on a mobile device and shows the customer what the maintenance would cost. The customer pauses, frowns a little and asks the technician, “OK, but do you get a commission for selling me this extra work?”

  • Four Key Trends That Will Change Field Service

    Increased integration of M2M and access to wearable devices are just a few of the trends to watch in 2014, according to a new Trimble study entitled Transforming Service Delivery: An Insight Report. The study predicts that 2014 will be a productive year for field service organizations as they understand how to strategically leverage new and existing technologies, which will help to drive efficiencies, improve customer service and boost profits.

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Tackling The Tablet Trend Field Mobility 2014
Tackling The Tablet Trend Field Mobility 2014 - Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce.
Important considerations for selecting the best tablet for your organization’s mobile workforce.
Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce.

The Vast Benefits
Of Fleet Management

Break Through Common M2M Barriers

Explore The Vast Benefits Of Fleet Management

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Learn how fleet management solutions can save you money and do much, much more. Advice for successful M2M evaluation, selection, and deployment.


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The Telematics Trend: It’s Time To Get On Board

The Telematics Trend: It’s Time To Get On Board

We’ve done plenty of coverage in this magazine about how companies of all shapes and sizes are leveraging telematics solutions to their benefit — but just in case you’ve missed any of that, I’m going to take this opportunity to reinforce the point. Here’s the punchline: Telematics solutions are not just for trucking companies. Any company with a fleet can benefit from a solution that enables you to track the location of your vehicles and gather a variety of other pertinent information related to their performance and status.

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  • GPS Fleet Tracking
    GPS Fleet Tracking

    Verizon Networkfleet merges patented GPS technology with wireless coverage to provide the ultimate in GPS fleet tracking.

  • RuggedJet 4” Mobile Printers
    RuggedJet 4” Mobile Printers

    The Brother RuggedJet mobile printers are designed to be fast, tough, and more versatile than the competition with print speeds up to 5 ips, fast throughput, IP54 certification, 6 ft. drop protection, and the ability to print receipts or labels with one printer.

  • xGPS2 & xGPS2 Pro Integrated Two-Meter And Sub-Meter GPS Modules
    xGPS2 & xGPS2 Pro Integrated Two-Meter And Sub-Meter GPS Modules

    The xGPS 2 and xGPS 2 Pro Global Positioning Modules offer an all-in one solution is for mobile workers who need GIS capabilities in the most difficult environments. The GPS modules integrate directly onto the iX104C5 tablet, providing a comprehensive tool for location-based field work with outstanding accuracy.

  • Motorola MC75A Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC75A Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

    The 3.5G MC75A, one of the world’s premium EDAs, offers more features and functionality, in a field-proven rugged form factor, than any other device in its class.

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  • What Smart Business Leaders Don't Know About Field Service

    As a field service leader, you already know why field service is so critical to your organization's success. But what about the rest of the company? Is your sales VP dying to hear how you can now debrief multiple products on a single work order? Does your CMO care that first time fix rates are up? Probably not, but they should, because the benefits of flawless field service go far beyond productivity and cost savings. In short, field service keeps your customers running, and your company growing and thriving.

  • The Biggest Wireless Connectivity Problems – And How To Solve Them

    Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or cellular modem, one thing is certain – you have experienced frustrating connectivity problems due to poor signal. In this webinar we will discuss the causes of cellular connectivity problems and the methods and solutions available to overcome them.

  • 6 Key Considerations When Accepting Payment In The Field

    Today accepting payment in the field can be a hassle of managing cash, checks, and the time-consuming process of manual credit card processing — from calling in to handwriting credit card numbers. But what if you could easily equip your field workers to accept mobile payments at the point of service or delivery, allowing for a higher level of customer satisfaction, increased up sell opportunities, faster payment cycles, and greater field efficiency?

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