• BrandsMart Creates The Best-In-Class Field Service Operation

    BrandsMart, a leading US retailer, services the products it sells through its own service operation, headed by Cosmo Adamo, VP, Service, from its Hollywood headquarters. A field-force of more than 75+ field-based repair technicians, as well as installation teams and a fleet of trucks, service not only products purchased at BrandsMart USA, but items from other retailers as well.

  • Keys To A Successful Mobile Tablet PC Deployment

    Businesses across many industries deploy tablet PCs in hopes of fixing a multitude of issues. The key to a successful mobile tablet PC deployment is when a business heavily invests in technology after doing its due diligence and proper research. A common misconception is that the initial investment of a tablet itself makes up the majority of the cost when bringing this technology into their business. According to Intel, the tablet itself represents only 20 to 35 percent of the average total cost of ownership for such devices, especially when cheaper consumer tablets are purchased and need to be modified, as opposed to buying rugged tablets out right.

  • Revamping The Digital Tool Belt: On Technology In Field Service

    The industry is experiencing a paradigm shift when it comes to providing field service. What does the service model of the future look like? At this point, it is still transforming, but there are certain indicators that show that the future model will be a lot different than it is today. Consider the following four observations about customers and machines.

  • Mastering IoT Security

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken center stage in our increasingly technological world. Connected devices are becoming more practical and fordable for mainstream consumers, as well as an integral part of many businesses. We trust M2M applications to transmit confidential and personal information, monitor valuable assets, and control mission-critical devices.

  • Leveraging Remote Monitoring And Mobility To Create A Smarter Service Presence

    By leveraging mobile technology, field service management (FSM) vendors have evolved their software offerings from desktop-bound, reactive products into real-time, anywhere- access solutions. Now the next step in this market’s technological evolution has begun, integrating FSM with M2M (machine-to-machine) remote monitoring to enable a uniquely proactive and predictive field service model.

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How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Great Tablet OS Debate
How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Great Tablet OS Debate
What you need to know about how the IoT is impacting the future of field service. Know the facts on Android, Windows, and iOS so you can pick the OS that’s right for your organization.
Field Mobility 2014 5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

Field Mobility 2014 - Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce.

5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

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  • Telogis Redefines Field Service With Advanced Optimization For The Mobile Workforce

    In order to improve customer experience, job visibility and overall efficiency, Telogis introduces Telogis for Field Service, an industry-specific extension of its award-winning connected intelligence platform. The Telogis platform provides SaaS-based advanced telematics, dynamic routing, commercial navigation, real-time service order management and mobile integration services for some of the world’s most well-known field service companies.

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5 Keys To Mastering The Customer Experience

5 Keys To Mastering The Customer Experience

Competition is fierce. Products are commoditized. Automation technologies and tools are now attainable for just about any size company. So how do you set your organization apart in today’s complex service landscape? By focusing your efforts on mastering the customer experience.

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  • Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet
    Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet

    The ET1 Enterprise Tablet combines the sleek design and user-friendly experience of a tablet with the brainpower, durability and lifecycle of a device truly built for the enterprise.

  • CL920 Rugged Tablet Platform
    CL920 Rugged Tablet Platform

    Reduce downtime and increase productivity overnight. Our sleek new CL920 Rugged Platform is a giant leap forward in our CL-Series with faster processing power, enhanced connectivity, increased durability and superior image capture software. With support for both Windows ® 7 and Windows ® 8.1 applications, the CL920 is ready to stand by your side now and in the future.

  • RuggedJet 4” Mobile Printers
    RuggedJet 4” Mobile Printers

    The Brother RuggedJet mobile printers are designed to be fast, tough, and more versatile than the competition with print speeds up to 5 ips, fast throughput, IP54 certification, 6 ft. drop protection, and the ability to print receipts or labels with one printer.

  • Mobility

    You have a growing mobile workforce that depends on wireless connectivity to enterprise applications in order to perform those jobs at a high level. NetMotion Mobility® gives your workers reliable, secure wireless connectivity. And it gives you more control, so you can get the most out of your mobile investments.

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  • The Future Of Field Service Is IoT: A Sneak Peak Of What That Means For You

    Wouldn't your field service team love a crystal ball to predict who will need service and fix it before it fails? IoT has the potential to be a transformative force in the service economy. Particularly in industries like medical devices and industrial manufacturing, the machines you service are already generating massive amounts of data -- the trick is to make it useful and to get it to the experts who need it -- namely your service technicians.

  • Go Mobile! 10 Steps To Prepare You For Successful Mobilization

    You’re probably well aware of the potential business benefits of using technology to manage your service business and stay competitive. The productivity gains and customer experience improvements that mobility can bring are incredible. But, mastering mobility can be complex.

  • Tablets, Laptops, And Convertibles: Determining The Right Mobile Device Mix For Your Organization

    At the head of today’s Enterprise field service driven industries is the abundance of increasingly capable and functional mobile devices from traditional laptops, to convertibles to tablets. The variety of mobile form factors continues to expand, but only one thing is certain - there is no one single device or form factor that will meet every field worker’s needs. Deploying and managing the ideal device mix for your organization is critical to maintaining a productive and effective workflow. 

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