• How Mobile Technology Has Impacted Public Safety

    It seems like every week there is a new or innovative product released which is only possible thanks to the rapid development of technologies. Our lives are filled with everything from smart televisions to solar powered lamps — but how many of these technologies really have a profound impact on society?

  • The Nexus Of Forces And How Social Media Facilitates Field Service

    The Gartner Group, in coining the term, Nexus of Forces, defined it as “the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios.”

  • Few Enterprise Software Projects Ever Go As Planned

    Keys to Managing Professional Services Profitability in Unpredictable Times.

  • Cardinal Logistics Transforms Information Into Intelligence

    A national leader of third-party dedicated delivery services, the company’s experienced professionals work directly with clients to optimize their supply chains by developing and implementing customized transportation solutions, including specialized equipment and handling that best fit their needs.

  • 10 Steps To Finding The Right Mobile Device

    Finding the right mobile device for your business isn't easy. From various models and suppliers, to countless configurations and operating systems, the options are nearly endless, yet few can actually meet all of your needs. Even if a device works well for one area of your business, how do you know if it will also successfully support another area?

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How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Field Service Software Selection Survival Guide
How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Field Service Software Selection Survival Guide
What you need to know about how the IoT is impacting the future of field service. 4 keys to mastering software evaluation and selection.
Field Mobility 2015 5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

Field Mobility Supplement: Understand How Your Peers Are Leveraging Today's Technologies

5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce. Crucial considerations for selecting the right solution for your business.


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How Do We Make Field Service More User Friendly?

How Do We Make Field Service More User Friendly?

I had a conversation about Uber the other day that really got me thinking about the state of field service today versus where it needs to be.

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  • FieldOne Sky
    FieldOne Sky

    The Agile Platform for Intelligent Field Service Management enables companies to deliver world class customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. The platform incorporates state-of-the art routing and scheduling, advanced work process automation, flexible customer and partner communications capabilities, and robust reporting and business intelligence.

  • RangerX Lightweight Rugged Android Tablet
    RangerX Lightweight Rugged Android Tablet

    The RangerX sets the standard for field mobility: a full shift battery life, lasting up to ten hours, maximizes time in the field and boosts productivity. The RangerX’s brilliant outdoor viewable, multi-touch display allows seamless transition from indoor to outdoor use. Options for carrying straps, handles, and mobile docking makes tablet transportation easy for handheld and vehicle applications.

  • Astea Alliance Tools: Alliance Links
    Astea Alliance Tools: Alliance Links

    Alliance Links provide the framework to exchange data and integrate Astea Alliance processes with a wide range of applications – such as for coordinating Alliance Logistics service parts inventory with ERP inventory, connecting remote equipment monitoring to Alliance Contact Center, and interfacing Alliance Mobile applications to wireless data transmission services.

  • ServiceMax Mobile For Laptops
    ServiceMax Mobile For Laptops

    There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile technology more than that of a field service technician. When your technicians require laptops for critical service information and applications, Servicemax Mobile for Laptops enables remote workers to utilize a rich full-featured field service application without the worry of Internet connectivity. Our HTML5-based Windows solution boasts consistent experiences across our web and mobile apps, so your techs exceed expected productivity levels without extensive training.

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  • Field Service Management: Grasping The Changing Technology Landscape

    Today's field service industry is full of complexity. Let us guide you through trends such as managing a field workforce with new technologies, exploring new business models which can revolutionize your business, navigating the somewhat confusing FSM landscape, and how to achieve true ROI with an FSM selection.

  • 7 Steps To Successfully Evaluate Field Service Technology

    Field service leaders across industries are looking for ways to digitize and increase productivity for their service organizations. In fact, The Service Council found that 84% of service executives have little or no reservations about using a cloud-based offering to run their Field Service operations. But more often than not, automating field service requires important organizational change that requires a thorough cross-functional evaluation.

  • Optimized End-To-End Service Delivery

    Your field service operation has countless moving parts that all need to be managed accurately and efficiently in order to ensure maximum productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Luckily, there are a number of field service management solutions on the market today that can enable you to intelligently automate, track, and monitor all of these disparate business functions simultaneously and precisely so you and your team can do what it does best - service customers.

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