• Mastering IoT Security

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken center stage in our increasingly technological world. Connected devices are becoming more practical and fordable for mainstream consumers, as well as an integral part of many businesses. We trust M2M applications to transmit confidential and personal information, monitor valuable assets, and control mission-critical devices.

  • Leveraging Remote Monitoring And Mobility To Create A Smarter Service Presence

    By leveraging mobile technology, field service management (FSM) vendors have evolved their software offerings from desktop-bound, reactive products into real-time, anywhere- access solutions. Now the next step in this market’s technological evolution has begun, integrating FSM with M2M (machine-to-machine) remote monitoring to enable a uniquely proactive and predictive field service model.

  • Innovative Solutions For The Insurance Industry

    By virtue of its nature, insurance interactions usually include policy holders unhappy with paying for something that might never be used, and in a less than positive state of mind when it is needed. What can insurance companies do to increase sales and retention? They cannot differentiate on price alone in this competitive market.

  • Revolutionizing M2M Connected Services And Conditional Scheduling

    To ensure customer retention and satisfaction, as well as ensure revenue targets, FSOs must utilize technology to evolve to proactive scheduling models.

  • Recent Events And Sun Tzu On Business

    Recent tragic events such as the terrible Malaysia Airlines crash and the re-instigated violence in the Middle East have brought politics to the forefront of everyone’s mind as they try to grapple with these tragic times.

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How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Great Tablet OS Debate
How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Field Service The Great Tablet OS Debate
What you need to know about how the IoT is impacting the future of field service. Know the facts on Android, Windows, and iOS so you can pick the OS that’s right for your organization.
Field Mobility 2014 5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

Field Mobility 2014 - Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce.

5 Keys To Fleet Management Selection

Learn how the latest technologies and trends are transforming the mobile workforce. Crucial considerations for selecting the right solution for your business.


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Defining Your Mobile Device Strategy: BYOD Vs. COPE Vs. Corporately Provisioned

Defining Your Mobile Device Strategy: BYOD Vs. COPE Vs. Corporately Provisioned

Not only is there a plethora of devices to choose from today, there are a growing number of strategies for how to deploy those devices to your mobile workforce. While there’s no hard and fast rule on what strategy works best, there are some clear pros and cons of each that can help you determine which strategy is the best fit for your organization.

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  • Rugged Docking Stations
    Rugged Docking Stations

    An increasing number of mobile computing projects require reliable, functional and safe docking systems.

  • EasyDL Software Plug-In
    EasyDL Software Plug-In

    Easy DL™ software plug-in parses bar code data found on government-issued identification cards to deliver ready to use information to the host system.

  • Trimble GeoManager Driver Safety
    Trimble GeoManager Driver Safety Trimble Driver Safety provides drivers real-time driver-style feedback and gives managers or supervisors the visibility needed to ensure that drivers are safe.
  • Installed Base Management & Entitlements
    Installed Base Management & Entitlements

    In service, visibility is priceless. Nothing has the potential to frustrate and disappoint your customer more than a service technician or call center agent who knows nothing about the issue or challenge the customer is facing, and the history behind it.

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  • Go Mobile! 10 Steps To Prepare You For Successful Mobilization

    You’re probably well aware of the potential business benefits of using technology to manage your service business and stay competitive. The productivity gains and customer experience improvements that mobility can bring are incredible. But, mastering mobility can be complex.

  • Tablets, Laptops, And Convertibles: Determining The Right Mobile Device Mix For Your Organization

    At the head of today’s Enterprise field service driven industries is the abundance of increasingly capable and functional mobile devices from traditional laptops, to convertibles to tablets. The variety of mobile form factors continues to expand, but only one thing is certain - there is no one single device or form factor that will meet every field worker’s needs. Deploying and managing the ideal device mix for your organization is critical to maintaining a productive and effective workflow. 

  • Mastering Reverse Logistics For Optimal Service

    To provide optimal service to your customers, you must have a reverse logistics strategy in place, and invest it in tools to support and enable that strategy. By implementing a configurable reverse logistics management solution that automates the end-to-end reverse logistics cycle, from RMA creation through billing, service organizations can increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and significantly reduce costs.

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