1. What Smart Business Leaders Don't Know About Field Service

    As a field service leader, you already know why field service is so critical to your organization's success. But what about the rest of the company? Is your sales VP dying to hear how you can now debrief multiple products on a single work order? Does your CMO care that first time fix rates are up? Probably not, but they should, because the benefits of flawless field service go far beyond productivity and cost savings. In short, field service keeps your customers running, and your company growing and thriving.

  2. Third-Party Field Service – Stay On The Same Page To Deliver Resolution

    Is there anything more difficult than coordinating a dispersed group of people to attain a complex set of goals & tasks? Buzz-y concepts like “herding cats” come to mind when we contemplate the challenges of managing a dynamic workforce to meet changing customer needs. In field service, each day (or hour) can be dramatically different, requiring varying levels of resources across the service network.

  3. Rugged Tablet Solution Enhances Productivity, Improves Connectivity, And Saves Time At Aurora Energy

    Aurora Energy is a fully integrated energy and network business with complementary activities in telecommunications and energy- related technologies. With much of its business processes consisting of fieldwork including meter reading, pole and asset inspection and outage response, Aurora Energy was familiar with mobile computers having used them in the field for some time.

  4. eBook: Field Mobility In 10 Minutes

    This e-book gives you a brief overview of the elements involved in adopting field service mobility at your organization.

  5. The Hidden Costs Of Using Consumer-Grade Mobile Technology

    Aligning the desire for mobility with the need for business-critical performance.

  6. Next Generation Pickup And Delivery Puts The Customer In The Driver’s Seat

    New thinking, new regulations and new technology are re-defining pickup and delivery based on optimizing customer service and satisfaction.

  7. Capturing ROI: Document Current Costs To Measure Benefits Of Mobile Workforce Management

    So, you’ve made the decision to invest in a mobile workforce management solution. Now, how do you ensure that you’re maximizing the return on that investment, and achieving your goals?

  8. The Biggest Wireless Connectivity Problems – And How To Solve Them

    Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or cellular modem, one thing is certain – you have experienced frustrating connectivity problems due to poor signal. In this webinar we will discuss the causes of cellular connectivity problems and the methods and solutions available to overcome them.

  9. Savings Soar With Streamlined Check-In At Vnukovo International Airport

    Vnukovo International Airport, one of Russia’s largest airports, is located just 27km from the centre of Moscow and 11km from the ring road. It is ranked as the 3rd busiest hub in Russia and its two passenger terminals have a total capacity of more than 6800 passengers per hour. More than 200 domestic and international airlines (including Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Germanwings) run over 120,000 flights per year to and from the airport. It is also Europe’s busiest airport for international flights by larger private planes.

  10. Chubb Fire And Security Enhances Workforce Visibility And Management With Hand-Held Computers

    Chubb Australia is part of UTC Fire and Security, a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) business unit, which provides fire safety and security solutions to more than one million customers around the world. UTC Fire and Security employs over 50,000 people in 30 countries and is headquartered in Connecticut, USA. Chubb has offices and service centres in all capital cities and most major regional centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.