1. Predictive Analytics In Field Service Management

    Ever wonder what is really going on in your business? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a system in place that helps you analyze your data?

  2. Top 5 Field Service Power Metrics

    There’s no shortage of numbers field service leaders can track. But which metrics could be most impactful to your service organization?

  3. More Completed Jobs = More Profit

    Mobile Workforce Management solutions can turn any mobile device into a powerful productivity tool.  When you have visibility into the location and activities of your employees in the field, you have valuable information for real-time decision-making.  Decisions that allow your company to get more jobs done every day, improving both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

  4. Workforce Management Tools Needed For Remote Agent Success

    There are three primary reasons for remote agents: lower contact center costs; improved customer service; and, improved employee satisfaction and retention. Operating costs associated with remote agents include lower starting wages and reduced benefits, less need for brick and mortar facilities and support staff, increased labor pool with flexible scheduling options, and reduced training costs associated with increased agent retention. By: Bob Webb, Pipkins, Inc.

  5. GPS Tracking: Top 4 Most Common Misconceptions

    Some businesses are hesitant to implement GPS tracking technology because of common misbeliefs such as GPS tracking is not worth the money, using the software is a hassle, and other misconceptions that simply are not true.

  6. Schindler Teams Up With Apple

    Schindler moves more than one billion people every day. To keep people moving safely and reliably, Schindler has equipped its workforce with mobile solutions powered by iOS and custom apps that allow access to important systems and data.

  7. Driving Transformation: Getting Your IT And Service Organization Set Up For Success

    Is your organization new to the cloud? New to field service automation? Not quite sure what the keys to success are? Join Allan Alexopulos, VP of Strategic Services, who will describe how to create a path to a successful deployment from the IT and Field Service perspective. Session topics include how to map executive level business objectives to operational success, creation of blueprints to save time and money and program and technical governance best practices to keep you out of the weeds.

  8. Achieving Peak Efficiency To Better Serve Your Customers With Best-In-Class Mobile Technology

    A true mobile office for maximum on-the-job efficiency.

  9. Scheduling Optimization In Your Asset-Intensive Service Organization

    Service organization leaders are tasked with balancing a wealth of responsibilities every day. They have to manage an optimal schedule for their service teams, have the right crews with the right skill sets lined up, and ensure that they are adhering to the service level agreements (SLAs) their organization has with its customers.

  10. IDCTechnology Spotlight: Video-Aided Remote Support Tools

    Field support and deployment specialists are often tasked with the most critical aspects of a customer's experience: the quick and proper installation of an asset and the ongoing support of the asset.

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