1. Why Business Intelligence Is Crucial For Your Business

    Are you using business intelligence to your benefit? Your competitors are. Data is critical for any business in order to gain insight on its operations. So many businesses do not use tools to assist with operations and data analytics, or they use a variety of tools but don’t evaluate the data. It is important to turn that raw data into meaningful information that your business can use to affect change.

  2. The Mobile Technician: The Evolution Of The Connection In 2015

    Mobility may not be a new tool for field service organizations, but it still has room to grow as a strategic technology. Top performers are using mobile to not only drive performance but also to differentiate service from peers.

  3. Software Selection For Enterprise Service Management

    Today, providing services is pervasive across all industries and all sizes of enterprise. It is really the service process that enterprises focus on as they look to make service a profitable activity and competitive advantage - and they must acquire the requisite solutions to do so.  Because such solutions are core to today's enterprise service management operations, their selection must confirm that the features and functionality they provide take into account the rapidly changing nature of enterprise service and help address the challenges it poses.

  4. Five Essential Requirements For An Intelligent Mobile Workforce Management System

    No one can argue that automatic scheduling capabilities have strengthened field service operations in multiple ways. But it’s also true that ideal Mobile Workforce Management should not just create intelligent schedules, it should also augment and boost technicians’ intelligence and effectiveness, thereby producing more intelligent service effectiveness and more valuable results.

  5. Optimal Field Service Workforce Management Involves More Than Optimizing Dispatch Schedules

    There is a great deal of hype these days about the importance of optimizing dispatch and routing schedules for field service technicians. And there should be. Assigning and dispatching technicians using ideal scheduling algorithms and optimal turn-by-turn directions can yield tremendous gains in productivity, significant service cost reductions, and much happier customers – all of which have an appreciable positive impact on the bottom line.

  6. Field Service To ERP Integration: Tap A Proven Framework

    For equipment manufacturers whose products have long life cycles and involve field service—such as with industrial and capital equipment; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and even certain consumer-based products—enterprise-class software to support service processes can be just as important as the software used to design and produce the products.

  7. 100% Transparency Leads To Service Profitability

    When Topcon needed to transform their service organization into a profit center for their company, they turned to ServiceMax to deliver an enterprise field service management solution with field-ready mobile apps. According to Topcon’s Director of IT, Gary Yantsos, “ServiceMax was the clear winner for us because it’s one of the few products that represents a comprehensive service framework and we had the ability to tune it to make it relevant to our business.”

  8. The State of Field Services: 2015 - Field Services Capability Heatmap

    In this Executive Insight, TSIA summarizes the top member inquiries of the past year, identifying the most prevalent business challenges faced by our members. TSIA then translates these challenges into the core capabilities that field services organizations will need to embrace in order to succeed in 2015 and beyond. The combination of these insights forms the basis of our 2015 research calendar.

  9. Brochure: XSLATE D10 Rugged Android™ Tablet

    When field service is your forte, you can’t be bound to a desktop. But laptops are inefficient when you’re on your feet all day, and real work is impossible on the small screens of most other handheld devices. So we’ve upsized this fully rugged tablet to a full 10.1” of multi-touch, sunlight-viewable, WXGA resolution bliss. After all, everything’s better on the big screen – even your most tedious tasks.

  10. Datasheet: XSLATE D10 Rugged Android™ Tablet

    When your line of business demands the flexibility of Android™, choose Xplore’s XSLATE D10 Fully Rugged Tablet. Driven by Android 5.1, Lollipop and powered by Intel’s Atom™ CPU, this bigger, stronger, and more secure tablet will win at every workplace challenge. The 10.1” C1Z2/ATEX compliant D10 enables HAZLOC productivity, and it has more connectivity and performance capabilities than any other Android mobile PC. This rugged tablet proves that Android can mean (tough) business.