1. The Quantum Leap: Schedule Optimization Of The Future

    Join us as we discuss one of the latest technologies impacting the field service space: quantum annealing. Quantum annealing harnesses the cloud and distributed computing to bring the type of scheduling power that only NASA or Google had access to in the past to the field service industry.

  2. First-Call Resolution And Improving Customer Service

    First-call resolution or first-time fix rates have become a critical key performance indicator (KPI) for field service organizations interested in gaining a competitive advantage. While historically automation efforts in field service have focused on improving efficiency and productivity in an effort to reduce costs or complete more work orders each day, they have not necessarily had a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

  3. Cell Phone Vs. Vehicle-Installed GPS Tracking: Get The Right Tools To Track Your Fleet

    Are you interested in tracking your vehicles, assets, or maybe even an employee, but not sure if vehicle-installed or cell phone GPS tracking is the better method?

  4. East Central Energy Reduces Average Monthly Vehicle Costs By $3,000

    East Central Energy is a member-owned electric cooperative formed in 1936 that currently provides electric service to more than 58,000 homes, farms, and businesses in east central Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin. With a mission to safely provide reliable service, East Central Energy, headquartered in Braham, Minnesota, has equipped over 75 vehicles with GPS Insight to further its values of accountability, innovation, integrity, and its commitment to the community.

  5. Parks & Sons Saves $150,000 In Fuel Costs After Implementing GPS Insight

    Parks & Sons is a family-owned and locally-operated waste and recycling hauler in Sun City, Arizona that prides itself on customer service. Never wavering from its core values, Parks and Sons has been operating for over 50 years and now maintains a fleet of over 75 collection and service vehicles. In their ongoing efforts to maintain fair, flat and consistent rates for their customers, Parks & Sons has embraced an increased role of technology in operating their business by implementing GPS Insight vehicle tracking devices across 60 of their most heavily used vehicles.

  6. Field Service Has Changed, Is Changing, Will Change

    New technologies like social, mobile, analytics, and cloud continue to impact our daily lives in meaningful ways. They’re also changing the way field service is delivered.  Even newer technologies like IoT and Virtual Reality promise more changes on the horizon. 

  7. Future Field Force: Improving Efficiency, Enabling A Better Customer Experience

    Field services have experienced one of the lowest level of technology investment when compared to other areas of a company, resulting in poor levels of performance and inefficiency. Despite low technological investment, there is an untapped opportunity to transform field services and unlock significant performance benefit, which could vastly improve performance and cost-to-serve by more than 35 percent.

  8. Driving Field Service Operational Excellence With Analytics

    CxOs expect department managers to monitor, quantify, and report on corporate opera- tions using a range of business intelligence solutions. This is a relatively straightforward task when you manage staff in an office, where people use devices that are connected to internal networks and corporate IT systems. But the nature of field work requires employees to be geographically dispersed, making it more challenging for leaders to effectively manage, monitor and communicate with their teams in the field.

  9. Walter Surface Technologies Increases Productivity And Reduces Costs With Mobile Forms

    Founded in 1952 and established in seven countries, Walter Surface Technologies is a leader in surface treatment technologies, providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions for the metal working industry. In 2009, Walter created a new Canadian CARE service department. The division already includes multiple technicians across the country in every major city and is constantly growing, with each technician making up to 50 service calls a week.

  10. Sunshine Rentals Proud Owner Of A Productive Operation

    Decades ago, the instant communication technology in Star Trek was considered a silly fantasy. Today, real-time results are becoming an expectation in business. Sunshine Rentals is a great example of how real-time results can take processes to the next level.