1. Mastering Field Service In Residential & Commercial Services

    Strategies to Boost Customer Satisfaction, Revenues and Your Bottom Line.

  2. Mastering Field Service In Medical Devices

    Medical device industry experts agree that for companies to stay competitive in the current healthcare environment, they must move beyond just the sale of products to grow and stay profitable. For many medical device companies, the next lucrative and untapped opportunity for so many companies is servicing products both in homes and in hospitals and other medical facilities. Through innovative service offerings and cost effective service agreements, service will be the ultimate battleground that decides which companies survive.

  3. Mastering Field Service In Manufacturing

    Another product rolls off the line and is delivered to your customer. It is now a serviceable item, and its performance rests squarely in your field service team’s hands.

  4. Is Windows Phone 8 A Pheonix?

    Believing that Phone 8 will arise from the ashes and take a significant market share in the enterprise space would get great odds with any bookie and it is my bet for 2015!

  5. Freelance Management System At AMSYS Supports Explosive Growth, Achieves 300% ROI

    “I started this company with $125 in my pocket,” recalls AMSYS CEO Khalid (Ken) Parekh. Fast forward a decade later and Ken’s investment is looking all-the-more impressive. The IT solutions provider is growing at a rapid pace. Even more remarkable? The company’s growth is completely organic; AMSYS is entirely self-funded and has never accepted outside capital.

  6. The Evolution Of Wearable Technology And Its Impact On The Service Industry

    Over several decades the size of computers have been gradually shrinking whilst the efficiency and power of them has been growing. The latest version of this trend, wearable technology, sees the power of computing adapting to our bodies and lifestyles whilst shrinking to sizes previously inconceivable.

  7. Service Mobility: The Right Technology For The Tech

    The evolution of mobility for field service firms has made the discussion around paper moot. Nonetheless, many organizations are still struggling to take mobility to the next level, so that it can provide the intelligence technicians need to speed resolution effectively. This whitepaper highlights the key trends in field service driving further interest in and adoption of mobility, focusing on the capabilities that are necessary to successfully deploy mobile tools.

  8. Learn How Live Video Is Changing The Field Service Game

    Live video is proving to be an extremely valuable tool in field service. This webinar takes a firsthand look at how Abseilon USA has used Vidcie video technology to improve service, whether suspended above the Grand Canyon or floating over the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

  9. Best Energy Solutions Increases Productivity By 30% With Route Planning And Workflow Management Solution

    Best Energy Solutions has been providing commercial and residential HVAC design, installation and service to the Akron, OH area for 30 years. Serving a metropolitan area of more than 700,000, the company’s fleet of 14 vehicles represents the company’s biggest asset – and front line for customer service.

  10. Regional Plumbing Firm Reduces Harsh Driving By 60 Percent Across Fleet

    Frank’s Plumbing is a 60 year-old family business providing plumbing installation and service in the Amarillo, Texas area. The company’s 25 trucks service a 120-mile area providing installation and repair service to residential and new construction clients. According to IT Director Kenneth Willburn, monitoring driver behavior was the key goal for implementing a fleet management system.

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