1. Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve Service Operational Excellence

    Despite the declared ambition by global manufacturers - of all sizes and industries - to evolve their business models in order to deliver profitable outcomes-based service offerings (also known as Servitization), there is a growing undercurrent that moving beyond early phases of service transformation has proven difficult or impossible. 

  2. Stop Right There: Quick & Dirty Brake Maintenance Tips For A Fleet Manager

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Brake Safety Week 2016! OK, so you probably haven’t been counting down the days or decorating your office to celebrate this most joyous time of year, but Brake Safety Week is still pretty important.

  3. How Live Video Is Transforming On-Site Maintenance

    Most field service technicians aim to successfully complete all service calls on their first visit each day. For a majority of their calls they are expert at doing what’s necessary for the products they service. But those calls during which the equipment is less familiar or the repair is more complex, can cause delays, require return visits and overall added expense, not to mention reduced customer satisfaction.

  4. Workplace Of The Future: How To Enable A Business’s Digital Transformation

    Workflow automation and document management software support business transformation by creating a highly efficient workplace and a better customer experience.

  5. Transform Your Organization By Harnessing The Workforce Mobility Revolution

    Experts agree that the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The first was powered by the steam engine. The second by Henry Ford’s moving production line. The third by the digitization of manufacturing. But the fourth industrial revolution is different.

  6. Not Just Black And White: Integrating Printing Capabilities Into Mobile App Design

    What adding print means for mobile development, and why it matters.

  7. Territory Optimization With Location Analysis

    Territory planning and optimization are increasingly becoming critical for effective field operations. Below are some trends and approaches that make territory management more accessible and streamlined.

  8. The 2016-2017 Fleet Manager’s Almanac

    What you need to know about fleet trends in a changing landscape.

  9. Field Teams Win Big With The Right Mobile Devices

    Give your field teams the tools to change the game by selecting the right devices.

  10. Improved Customer Service Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

    Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can have the finest product on the market, the lowest prices among your competitors and the smartest staff in your specified field, but unless you can satisfy your existing customers and keep them coming back to you, the success of your business will remain in jeopardy.