1. White Paper: 4 Steps To Understanding ROI For GPS Vehicle Tracking
    Now more than ever you need to understand what ROI you can expect before investing in a capital improvement for your business.
  2. Drill Down Reporting To Improve Fleet Operations And Processes
    The last in a three-part series ‘Maximize Revenue By Benchmarking Fleet Metrics With Effective Reporting,’ this installment explains the impact of drill-down reporting on a fleet operation.
  3. Establish Meaningful Reports And KPIs To Optimize Fleet Operations
    This second installment in the three-part series ‘Maximize Revenue By Benchmarking Fleet Metrics With Effective Reporting’ examines the fact that many fleet solution providers do not have the relevant business experience to drive and design the proper fleet reporting functionality particular to a company’s specific improvement initiatives.
  4. Pinpointing Issues With Fleet Management Reporting
    This is the first installment in a three-part series ‘Maximize Revenue By Benchmarking Fleet Metrics With Effective Reporting.
  5. Field Service Applications: The Top 5 Reasons To Go Cross-Platform
    Cross-platform solutions extend advanced capabilities from your back-office applications to your mobile workers in real time — regardless of the worker’s location, the device being used, or even whether or not you have a network connection.
  6. White Paper: Fuel Savings With GPS Tracking: Five Ways GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Reduce Fuel Costs
    Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking has rapidly gained popularity among fleet owners as the technology becomes more affordable and easier to access.
  7. White Paper: Automating Field Service Paperwork For Energy & Utilities
    Field service teams in the energy sector are facing increasing pressure to maintain uptime, respond quickly to issues, and document work for customers and stakeholders while also seeking higher efficiency in their work forces and processes.
  8. Application Development: Answers For A Cross-Platform Mobile World

    Until recently, mobileOS platforms have been designed to serve specific market segments. Windows Mobile focused on commercial applications and hardened devices, while Blackberry played heavily in the email and texting business for road warriors. By David Norris, Director of Product Strategy, Stratix Corporation

  9. Socket Mobile And SOTI Partner To Enable The Mobile Worker Anytime, Anywhere
    Socket Mobile, Inc., an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, recently announced a partnership with SOTI, Inc., a recognized leader in providing ground-breaking Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.
  10. Streamlining Oil And Gas Field Paperwork With Digital Pens
    The increasing demand for energy has put pressure on oil and gas producers, pipeline operators, and energy field service providers to increase production and supply reliability while also dealing with skilled worker shortages and increased regulatory activity. By Adapx, Inc.